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"I did something different, and I explored a different kind of design," Michael says in his exit interview. I guess that's true enough. "Each room was so different, that it was anyone's game." Mmmmmm... no. Andrea and Matt pretty much had this one in the bag from the get-go. It was only a question of which of the remaining three would miss the mark by the widest margin. But it's nice to see him go out with some measure of introspection and class, after giving the American viewing public a bit more personal drama than it really needed to see. "I'm 23 years old, and I am so lucky to have made it this far," he tells Todd. Indeed. Let's focus on that happy thought, rather than his clashes with John. And Carisa. And the judges. And color.

And you know what? That was not a bad episode. The task at hand was challenging but not ridiculously so; the conditions were straight-forward and surprise twists were kept to a minimum. The judging was logical and didn't come across as a string of zingers just for the sake of glibness. If every installment up to this point were like this one, I wouldn't be counting down the days until Top Design' final episode. But they haven't been, and so I am.

Next time on Top Design: Andrea clashes with Carisa. Goil clashes with sanity. And by the blood splatter, I'm guessing that someone better not get too attached to one of their digits. Get it? Get it?

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