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Enough furnishings, let's head on over to Pindler & Pindler, fabric suppliers to the reality-TV show stars. Matt is snatching up swatches of leather... for the floor. I could watch Top Design from now until the end of time (please God, no), and choices like that will never make sense to me. On the bright side, however, you've just designed Ricardo Montalban's dream dining room, so well done. For those of you designing along at home, Matt's picked out two colors for his wall -- vibrant orange and dark chocolate. No word on whether those will be naugahyde, qiana, beaver pelt, or some other wacky fabric choice. Carisa plans to whip up some slip covers to disguise her unfortunate patio furniture choices. "We'll hope that they'll look more elegant than outdoor chairs," she says; hopefully, one day, I'll play center field for the A's. Guess which one of our dreams is more likely to come true? Meanwhile, Michael outlines the vision for his chef's table: "I want the space to be beautiful and simplistic. I want the food to be the focus. The only white object in the entire space are the dishes." Michael's playing around with color -- avert your eyes, America! More Michael: He goes to meet Wanda Wen. Who? She's a florist. Anyhow, he's explaining what he wants to Wanda Wen. Why? Because he wants something very simple, not so much a "floral arrangement, but a piece of nature coming inside." And Wanda Wen is like, what?

While the Top Designers move to the lumber-and-paint portion of the program, Todd drops by to see how things are going. First stop, Andrea: she shows off her suede wall upholstery, which pleases Todd -- apparently, suede has a sound-deadening effect, which will come in quite handy in a noisy restaurant. That's why Todd Oldham hosts Top Design and I just make catty comments about it -- dude knows what he's talking about. Over at Matt's table, he and Todd are talking drapes; Todd advises not seaming the transparent fabric and just allowing it to overlap, which seems to answer all of Matt's design dilemmas. Is there nothing Todd Oldham can't do? Give aid and comfort to Carisa, apparently, because when he stops by to complement her on the turquoisey color she's painting one of her three walls, she notes that her design will be "the least 'me' thing I've done." This worries the Toddster, who cautions Carisa about that kind of approach. To which Carisa is all, "Did I say the least 'me?' I meant whatever level of 'me' you want to see in this design." Or words to that effect. "Hopefully, there will be enough of me," Carisa voice-overs later. "That was Todd's concern." Let this go down as the first time in recorded history that someone affiliated with Top Design expressed a desire for more of Carisa in any context.

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