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Let's take a gander at the rooms, starting with Team Architect (Plus Erik). "We kind of describe it as like, space, glamour, fun, eclectic, contemporary styling," Erik says. Are you sure you didn't leave an adjective out there, cowboy? There still might be one or two left in the dictionary. According to Andrea, the guests enter the tent on axis on the short side, encountering that latticed wall that nearly crushed Goil a couple of times. In the center, there's a DJ and a dance floor, with two of the deconstructed chandeliers featuring Bacardi Limón bottles and lemons off to one side of the floor. The centerpieces are these bristly-looking red flowers (touch!) and cut lemons (smell!). "Conceptually, [the Bacardi Limón ] bottle is key," Goil voice overs. And what does Team Discord's resident grumpus think about all this? "I think their ideas were really ambitious," Michael says. "But I think our design, overall, was executed better." We'll be the judge of that, my man. Matt describes their tent as "a crisp and clean environment." The front of the tent is open to encourage people to come on in. There's a DJ in this tent as well, but no go-go dancers; instead, Team Discord hired a particularly beefy doorman. The cocktail tables have lost their Bacardi Limón caskets and are filled entirely with lemons. "My favorite part of this design is just the overall look of it and the concept," Carisa says, which she credits entirely to the skill and genius of the designer responsible for it. "Yeah, I designed it, so I love it."

Ah, but do the guests love it? That's the Lending Tree-supplied $100,000 question, isn't it? In the tent of Andrea, Goil, and Erik, a female guest is heard decrying the shower curtains surrounding one of the stationary chandeliers. "It's not a good design," another guest sneers; the rationale behind that declaration is left on the cutting room floor. A dejected Andrea dismisses Team Discord's tent as something she would never design: "To me it's always about pushing it one step beyond your comfort zone. Our tent is something I'd much rather go to." If it's any consolation, one of the guests likes the lemons Goil went to the troubling of stringing up; so that's something. But for the most part, the guests we're shown kvetching appear to be in hot, sweaty love with Team Discord's effort: "It's more classy, simple down here," one party-goer says. "I like it." Need we even bother with the judging then? That's not a rhetorical question by the way -- I'd really prefer that we skip it this week.

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