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A pulled-together room, as it turns out. Sorry to ruin the suspense there, but we all sort of saw that coming, didn't we? Not only were the judges impressed with the efforts of Michael, Matt, and Carisa, the client was pleased and the guests voted in favor of Team Discord by a three-to-one margin. "It felt really good to win the challenge," Carisa voice-overs. "I felt responsible for that." The judges do not share that rosy assessment, as they select Matt as the winner among winners for his contributions to the success of the project; he's won an extra hour of design time next week, plus the everlasting enmity of Carisa. "What the hell?" Carisa voice overs. "Regardless of what anyone said, that design was, you know, mine. It came out of my head. I really didn't want to say that, but that's the fucking truth." To her credit, she manages to keep the eye-rolling to a bare minimum this time around.

Now we turn our attention to the sorry task of sending home one of three designers who did little to offend the eye or ear. But them's the breaks. Jonathan chides Andrea for bad decorating choices and worse flowers. Erik gets a scolding for saying the space reflected his voice since "we didn't like what we heard." And Goil gets a tsk-tsking for not being more assertive. In the end, however, there can be only one dismissal, and it's Erik, as we all expected it would be several paragraphs ago. Erik goes out with a lot more grace than you or I might have: "You never know exactly what the judges are looking for, and I take full responsibility for our design. I'm still proud of it. I think that it reflected me. I wouldn't change a thing." Love him, hate him, or if you're just indifferent to him, you have to admit his speech is a breath of fresh air after last week's "burn down the village and salt the fields" farewell address from Ryan. Then again, look at who I'm using as the baseline for comparison for acceptable behavior. Todd seems legitimately bummed when bidding Erik adieu. Perhaps he recognizes that a legitimately talented and genuinely nice contestant just got booted. Or maybe, like some of the posters on the forum, he's just sad that Jared the Insanely Good-Looking Carpenter is about to get a lot less screen time.

Next week on Top Design: The Top Designers work up a kitchen for an internationally known chef -- I smell a Bravo show tie-in! Also, the Madness of King Goil continues. And Carisa is nearly beheaded by a beam. Poor beam.

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