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Across the room, Goil has gone from the high of getting people to agree to his chandelier idea to the low of not being able to get a word in edgewise -- not that his efforts to make his voice heard appear to be that strenuous or relentless. Easier to piss and moan to the cameras about things, I guess: "I tried to say something. Two against one." That's one way of interpreting it, I guess. Another is that Goil would start to say a few words, and then stop if Andrea and Erik didn't immediately spring to attention and hang on his every word. If this is all it takes to reduce Goil to the quivering mass we saw in last week's preview, then I'd hate to think what would happen if mischievous elves snuck onto the Top Design set and secretly switched the paint chips of Goil and Matt so that they had to swap teams -- five seconds of Carisa's and Michael's bickering, and we'd have to send a Navy SEAL team into the Pacific Design Center to rescue Goil.

Sketch time is over, and Erik and Carisa are dispatched by their respective teams to go shopping for fabrics at Pindler & Pindler ("Supplying fabrics for contrived reality show challenges since February 2007"). Andrea and Michael are dispatched to the party rental place -- be sure to pick up an inflatable jumper. If my five-year-old nephew is any authority, those are a must for any party. Goil and Matt are left to go to Wolfgang Puck Catering to pick out party menus. See, Goil -- no one may be listening to you, but at least you get to cadge a free meal out of all this. Everyone has an hour for their appointed tasks, or, in Top Design time, a frantic-shopping montage that will carry us to the next clash of personalities. And as far as montages go, this is a particularly dull one. Your highlights: Erik and Carisa shop for the flame-resistant fabrics mandated by the state of California for outdoor events and find the selection frustratingly limited; Goil and Matt sample 10 hors d'oeuvres at Wolfgang Pucks, including truffle pizza fitted with $2,000-a-pound white truffles, and Goil, cheeky imp that he is, asks for a doggie bag; and at Town & Country Party Rental, Andrea and Michael hector salespeople with questions about furnishings, and Michael tells the store that their prices are too high. There. That's about all that happened. Let's just say the Top Designers did as they were told and that no one was harmed in the making of this montage, so that we can get on with the rest of this challenge.

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