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Over in the tent of Team Architect (Plus Erik), Andrea says that she and Erik are devoting their attention to multiple tasks, while Goil is working on what she terms as "special projects" (Goil's name for this might be "busy work") because "he really wants to focus on one thing at a time." Andrea's mood? Frustrated, because there's stuff that's not getting done. For an alternative take on how things are working out, let's turn to Goil. Goil? "So fucking stupid," he mutters as he paints the lattice. Thanks, Goil -- care to expand on that? "I feel like, during the execution, it wasn't done in the most efficient way... I wish that they would listen to me because I feel that I am kind of a Halfling. I'm a half-human, half-carpenter kind of person, and I can really help out here." Incidentally, a Halfling with carpenter skills could really kick some ass in Dungeons & Dragons; he could either slay orcs or earn their loyalty by building a sun deck for their lairs. Uh... not that I've ever played Dungeons & Dragons or anything. Team Discord is having issues of its own -- naturally -- this time about the citrusy yellow banner they were planning on hanging from the roof of the tent. At least, it looks citrusy yellow to me; Michael says it looks like "caca." Matt points out that it's the only "pop of yellow" in the tent, but offers to put it up to a group vote; Carisa votes yea, and by a motion of 2-1 the caca-colored banner gets to stay. The Senate should decide vital issues of import this promptly.

Todd gives us the 20-minute warning, which is the editors' cue to show assorted Top Designers in various states of abject panic. We particularly enjoy the shot of Goil stringing together an assortment of lemons only to become partially hoisted on his own citrusy petard as well as Matt bellowing "Where's the booze?" (A question I ask myself every day at quitting time, my man.) And just to drive home the point that this is not Goil's week, we're treated to one last shot of him nearly getting crushed by a piece of wood while letting out a death whimper. I'm sure my new Bravo masters don't need any money-making tips from me, but I'd just like to hip them to this formula: Goil death whimper = insanely profitable ring tone. And a few finishing touches later, the design process is over and done; Todd tells his six charges to re-assemble in the White Room for their weekly spirit-breaking session. Looks like it's already begun for Goil -- he reiterates his feeling that it was two-against-one this challenge, with him as the one in that equation and that if his team doesn't win, he's going to get the shaft. Truly, he is the saddest R2 unit of them all.

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