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Moving on to Team Miami, Jonathan asks Matt his opinion on his team's finished product; Matt thinks things are just peachy. The judges decide to disabuse him of this notion: "Where it really fell apart for me was just in the colors," Jonathan says. Particularly offensive to Jonathan's eye were the green and purple hues, and he wants to know who's responsible for this assault on his optic nerves right now. "I think that I started the color," Elizabeth says slowly and poised to duck in case Jonathan hurls his stool at her. "But we kind of collectively picked the colors." That's not good enough for Jonathan who would like to know who the leader of Team Miami was; Matt is only to happy to suggest that Erik and Elizabeth spearheaded the design. This cuts Jonathan to the quick -- he didn't see any of Matt's touches in the design and wonders if Matt "stepped back" during the design process. "Erik and Elizabeth immediately seemed to have some similar ideas," Matt says. "So I was more comfortable stepping back and each of us taking our individual roles in working together." Translation: Don't blame me; I voted for pastels. After some dismissive commentary from Kelly and the judge who isn't Kathy Ireland, Erik wants to revisit the issue of the colors. Oh, foolish, foolish Erik -- you have only angered Jonathan Adler further. "It's like something about the green and the purple," Jonathan says. "It felt more like Vegas than Miami," Kelly adds. "That acid green is a very strong color and not really one you associate with a resort or a beach or water," Margaret says. "I don't know what you were thinking." Happy you revisited the color subject, Erik? Because Elizabeth doesn't seem to be: "Well, you know we had a discussion about that very succinctly because Matt has been working in Miami, and that was one of the first questions I asked." Translation: If I'm going down, I'm taking this rat bastard with me.

Let's wrap things up with Team St. Tropez, the team that puts the "Me? Work?" in "Teamwork." Jonathan correctly fingers Goil as the primary culprit behind the cabana's structure -- that's good news for Goil, as Jonathan found the structure interesting and creative. "I was looking up and I was like, 'I'm in St. Tropez, I'm in St. Tropez.' And I looked down, and I was like, 'Wait, I'm in Buffalo.'" ["HEY!" -- Joe R]

To: Jonathan Adler
From: The Buffalo, New York Tourism Bureau

How dare you, sir.

What has inspired Jonathan to slur the design aesthetic of Western New York are the furniture and fabrics featured in the St. Tropez cabana: "I feel like the interior design part was an afterthought." Carisa says she picked out the colors -- blue, coral, white, and sand -- based on the postcard. Margaret, already blind with rage about the colors Team Miami picked, launches into a mini-lecture about the number of blues that were at her disposal: sea blue, cerulean blue, the shade of blue that doesn't make me want to punch you. Kelly thinks Carisa took the postcard "too literal" -- the Adverb Defense League begins organize an informational picket outside the Pacific Design Center. Jonathan cuts to the heart of the matter: "Carisa, do you feel like the guys listened to you." Carisa pauses dramatically before tossing Goil and Ryan under the boss -- she does not believe that they did: "I felt that maybe I should have gone shopping. And I'm not sure that Ryan has a lot of experience." Ryan, your rebuttal? "I felt like my talent lies in space. I work in installation art. I'm a sculptor." So why didn't he alter any of the furniture as the rules allowed, Jonathan wonders. False Kathy Ireland agrees: "To me, this was boring." Yes, but it featured plenty of in-fighting and finger-pointing and shouldn't that be what a television series about interior design is all about?

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