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Speaking of commercials, it appears that one-time reality TV "It" boy Donald Trump is now reduced to appearing in cross-promotional campaigns on professional wrestling programs. That's so embarrassing -- for the professional wrestlers.

When we return, we're treated to the sight of the Top Designers -- several of them clad in festive, sun-absorbing black -- headed to the beach for cabana duty. I realize none of these folks probably packed for their Top Design stint with a road-trip to the beach in mind, but to see two-thirds of the contestants wearing dark clothing under the hot Southern California sun conjures up images of Richard Nixon skulking across the beaches of San Clemente in his suit. Erik -- clad in a sleeveless shirt, albeit a black one -- assures us that even though he enjoys immunity from elimination, he will do his darndest to make sure that Elizabeth and Matt aren't on the chopping block. And on that note of noble selflessness, the teams start piecing together their cabanas. Team Tahiti is off to a good start with its raised cabana -- a wooden platform held up over the hot sands by six wooden stakes. Team Miami is busy painting assorted boards -- "I love this color," Elizabeth exults, which, even if you don't know how this thing ends, is a statement with the whiff of doom about it. Over at Team St. Tropez, Carisa is busy batting away at the imaginary demons tormenting her -- it appears that beach surroundings do not agree with her. "I'm a New Yorker," she says by way of explanation; of course, you all remember the city of New York's slogan -- "New York: The City So Nice, It Hates Sun and Sand." Goil voices-over that he's just about had it with Carisa: "Carisa has sort of a stepped-back attitude where she would go, 'Okay, maybe this isn't right.'" Ryan, on the other hand, has jumped into this assembly project with both feet, wending his way into Goil's heart. At one point, Ryan, Goil, and an unidentified third dude that I can only assume is their carpenter are hoisting one of the cabana parts -- the camera cuts away to Carisa, who is busy spraying down one of the shirtless, well-muscled worker bees with sun block. Hey -- that's an important task, too. Skin cancer, you know. Meanwhile, Matt expresses concern about the overwhelming amount of work left to be done: "This is the first challenge I've ever felt at risk of being 'Adios, Amigos.'" Watching this episode in the green room, Jonathan Adler slaps his forehead and says, "That should have been my catchphrase!"

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