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Todd arrives on the beach -- do I have to tell you his shirt is black? -- and immediately praises Team Tahiti for the dramatic form of their cabana. "It takes a village of gay designers to build a cabana," Michael jokes. True story: that was actually the original title of Hilary Clinton's book, but the publisher made her change it; they left in the chapter about cabana construction, though. Todd departs by telling them they have an hour left and encouraging them to "make good choices." Team Tahiti responds by making a very bad choice -- to leave the ceiling of their cabana as just a skeletal frame with no covering whatsoever. Apparently, Team Tahiti has yet to notice the giant flaming ball of gas hovering menacingly in the sky. The construction workers apparently have -- they've removed their shirts, and we're treated to a montage of men laboring in various forms of undress. That one's for you, ladies, as well as a substantial percentage of you gentlemen. Todd gives the five-minute warning followed by the 30-second countdown, which sets off a cascade of scurrying and gasping -- and we're done. Admiring his own handiwork, Erik suggests that Todd had them a little worried yesterday when he expressed doubts about their color choices: "But then now looking at it, it's totally right on. I think we nailed it." No, you didn't. "I really love it," Elizabeth says. "It really came together today." No, it didn't. Todd instructs the Top Designers to go get cleaned up -- the judges are on their way, and if there's one thing they can't stand, it's sandy people.

The Top Designers are lined up on one side of the beach, with Todd and the judges on the other. It's the use gruesome threesome -- Jonathan, Kelly, and Margaret -- joined by this week's mystery judge, Kathryn Ireland. Man, I loved here in Necessary Roughness! But she's really let herself go since the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue days. Hmmmm? Kathryn and not Kathy? Well, that's disappointing. Todd discloses that not only will the winning team take this week's challenge, but the three team members will get a weekend of luxury at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica. The Viceroy, by the way, was designed by Kelly, which prompts the Top Designers to applaud and Kelly to do one of those "Please, I am not worthy of your adoration, and better keep it coming" bows. And in case we've forgotten, Todd reminds us that someone from one of the two remaining teams will be sent home -- nobody applauds for that. Jonathan reminds everybody that they're going to be judged on execution, originality, ingenuity, how they incorporated the resort destination into their design, and teamwork -- that last bit of news causes Carisa to do a "ruh-oh" double-take. Judges, do your worst. I mean that literally, by the way.

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