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Time passes, and we return to Carisa's loft just in time to see her move to Manic on the behavior scale. She's finishing up the cork-board walls and is in much higher spirits than earlier in the morning now that her furniture is arriving. "The worst is over," she enthuses via voice over; the editors choose to juxtapose that statement with the image of a delivery man bursting every blood vessel in his forehead as he hauls some of that furniture into the loft. Clearly, the worst has only begun for this gentleman. Carisa decides to encourage her delivery crew with the following exhortation: "Yes! Yes, men! Ye-he-he-hes!" Oh God -- she's got the Space Madness! Run for your lives! Matt's furniture is being delivered with decidedly less lunacy. He also appears to have made some really strong -- albeit outrageously priced -- selections. Take the desk in his daughter's bedroom -- that's $7,000, right there, jack, and won't that feel like money well spent the moment she starts defacing it with a Crayola? Out in the dining area, a delivery guy observes that the glass table Matt's picked "looks kinda good." "What do you mean, 'kinda'?" Matt asks dryly. The delivery guy laughs, but I'm not sure he was joking, dude -- just start backing toward the door slowly and the minute you see him get ready to pounce, you run. You run like the wind.

Into this ever-spinning whirligig of madness wades Todd Oldham, with a few reassuring words for our two contestants. First it's a visit to Matt's loft, since it's only up three floors. Matt's water lilies won't open up; Todd suggests he try some hot water. Then, after stopping to heal some sick children with a soothing glance -- well, not really, but you wouldn't be surprised, would you? -- he heads up to the sixth floor to deliver some news to Carl and Carisa. Probably a good thing, too, as the curtain pole Carl is handling just snapped. "The good part is it's not the seam, just the wooden dowel," Todd observes. "So we can get that replaced." It's not as handy as the hot-water-on-water-lilies tip, but it'll have to do. Anyhow, to business: Todd tells Carl that this is a competition for him as much as it is for Carisa -- the carpenter for the winning designer will get $10,000. We then get to watch Todd tell Ed and Matt the exact same thing. That seems redundant; I feel like those 15 repetitive seconds are depriving me of valuable montage time. Anyhow, Ed and Carl are understandably excited about the prospect of winning $10,000; it would certainly take the sting out of having Carisa bellow your name, wouldn't it, Carl? Carl? CARL?

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