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Back at the Santa Fe lofts, Top Carl springs into action, ordering his crew of worker bees to get to hauling the building materials up to Carisa's loft. Ah, but because this is Top Design, there is a complication: the lumber will not fit in the building's freight elevator. ("The Santa Fe Lofts: Big loft for skinny people with tiny things!") Here's where we are exposed to the full frontal wonder of Carl: he positions each of his four workers along the building's fire escape, so that they are able to hand pieces of lumber up to the next story before scrambling up the flight of stares to receive the lumber from the guy below. This goes on for six stories, and it's a clever, if exhausting, work-around to a serious problem. So I guess we need to add "astounding competence" and "quick-thinking problem solving" to that list of issues Carl has; hopefully, Carisa will still find a way to adore him despite all this.

In Matt's loft, things appear to be going swimmingly; there's a whole lot of wall frames either erected or assembled upon Matt's return from his cost-cutting adventures at the PDC. Ah, but all is not terribly well in MattLand -- they still have to get all the drywall up from the ground floor to the loft. On the bright side, Matt is on the third floor, not the sixth, like Carisa, so it's only half the pain in the ass. "Thank God, I'm not Carisa up on the sixth floor, and I drew the one on the third floor," Matt says. "She might have a little better view, but she's going to have some tired people up there." So wait -- a substantial disadvantage like "up three more stories in a building where the freight elevator can only hold a couple people and their hopes and dreams" was left up to the chance of a random draw? This challenge gets more ill-considered by the minute. Carisa responds to this discovery in an understandable, if fairly predictable way: "This is so fucking ridiculous bullshit," she screams, stomping off. That leaves Carl to cajole the laborers into carrying the drywall up the side stairs, with him on bottom to bear the brunt of the weight. Seriously, if Carisa hasn't spent a half-hour after each Top Design episode airs drafting elaborate thank-you notes to Carl, then I'm sorry I didn't ramp up the vitriol I've spewed at her these past few recaps. Truly, he is Top Carl. "I'm just an expressive person," Carisa voice-overs while her crew works furiously. "I can't hide it. And I talk about everything that bothers me and makes me crazy and people think I'm going out of my mind." Yes, we do. Perhaps, less talking and more doing would change that impression.

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