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Previously on Queer Eye for the Top Design Guy: Felicia, Andrea, and Michael learned a roofless cabana is no impediment to winning the week's challenge and a fabulous weekend getaway. Elizabeth learned that you choose off-beat paint colors at your peril. And we learned that eight designers remain in the mix for a fantastic assortment of prizes -- magazine profiles! Charity functions! Cold hard cash! The power to decide who lives and who dies! I feel a half-assed theme song coming on...

Top Designers, roll call! Dead! Goil! Carisa! Ryan! Ryan's Skateboard! Felicia! Matt! Andrea! Dead! Dead! Michael! Erik! Deeeeeeeeead! Top Designers are a blast! Top Designers, go kick ass!

This week's episode begins with a little heart-to-heart from Erik, voice-overing his deepest concerns while the Top Designers march toward the Pacific Design Center: "I feel like I haven't had a chance to prove myself. I think given the right circumstances, you know, I would really be able to blow some minds." Or, alternative take: maybe the fact that you've spent the preceding two challenges teetering on the brink of elimination has proven quite a lot about you, thank you very much, and that the only way, you'll be able to blow someone's mind is with an industrial-strength fan. But hey -- whatever helps you get through the night. You know who else is feeling a little bit edgy after escaping the Grim Reaper's scythe? Matt, who posits that he was nearly eliminated because he "did not take an active role in critiquing the overall design process." Of course, considering the person who got booted did take an active role, maybe passivity is the correct course of action.

Anyhow, the designers break up the monotony of meeting inside the Pacific Design Center by assembling on the lawn outside the Pacific Design Center, where Todd Oldham awaits to stiltedly tell the Top Designers what new terrors await them this week. For starters, the Top Designers will get to meet their clients this time around -- the eight remaining contestants like this turn of events very much. "They might just be, though, some of the toughest, most opinionated ones you've ever had," Todd adds -- this, the Top Designers are less keen on. The clients are all studying interior design at schools across Los Angeles, and they're doubtlessly bitter that they're not competing on this show instead of the Less Than Elite Eight that remain. Suddenly, a group of young people appear behind Todd: watch your back, Todd -- it's a gang of young toughs! Or, it could just be the interior design students arriving to meet with the Top Designers. Thank God -- for a minute there, I thought we were going to be stuck in the middle of a design rumble.

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