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Back at the Pacific Design Center, Todd gives the Top Designers the particulars of this week's challenge -- they'll have 20 minutes to meet with a randomly assigned carpenter who's going to help them construct the room and buy materials at the local hardware store. Ah, but work hard and well, my little Top Designers, and next week, you'll get to pick your very own carpenter; in fact, the winner of this challenge will get first pick. The designers seem thrilled by this development, but perhaps it would have more relevance for those us playing along at home, if the carpenters weren't nameless, faceless ciphers to us at this point. Even better, what if the Top Design producers assembled a team of a half-dozen or so qualified carpenters... and then one or two people who have never even so much as driven by a hardware store. That would add an extra incentive to not finish in the lower tier of a challenge, I think -- nothing focuses the mind like having to team up with a total incompetent. That's what my co-workers tell me at any rate. In march the carpenters, in matching black shirts and tan pants just to make them even more indistinguishable. Well, the Top Designers seem to recognize them, at any rate. There's That Guy and That Other Guy and The Guy with the Beard, who is assigned to Felicia, and she's just delighted about that. Carisa has That Guy Who's Actually a Girl, and they hug. Me, I'm going to need more face time with the carpenters before I get too emotionally attached, but the Top Designers seem to agree that the ability to pick your own carpenter will be a real boon. Except for the carpenter that gets picked last, I guess.

Carisa and her carpenter -- Sarah, we learn is her name -- go over Carisa's elaborate schemes and plans, which call for a rolling desk that can, in Carisa's words, "roll back and forth across the entire room. And it's going to be really cool if it can be executed correctly." Now I have a worse feeling about the desk than I do Felicia's cursed monkey's paw of an afghan. Elsewhere, the other designers are outlining their vision -- Ryan wants to do something that involves stripping off wood while Erik would like to cover the doors of something in his room with tin or silver aluminum. That will keep the government from reading his client's brainwaves, at any rate.

But enough with this carpentry talk time -- Todd shoos the carpenters away and begins a round of too-brief check-ins with the Top Designers. Felicia's got a paint problem, having selected a deep taupe; Todd suggests correcting the plum in that taupe with some gold to soften the colors. Of course! It all seems so obvious now. If you knew anything about color. Or paint. Or design. Me, I'm still busy looking up how to spell "taupe." Tope? Toep? Tohpe? Nope. Matt says that his client, Chad, has sophisticated tastes, so to accommodate that on a shoestring budget, Matt plans to reverse the wood floor and run it up the back wall; that plan meets with the Todd Oldham seal of approval. Carisa shows offer her orange and green color palette to Todd, and he just thinks it's delightful; he also thought it was delightful when she used orange and green during the first two challenges. "But the girl likes orange," Carisa protests. "I never, ever, ever use orange and green. I don't think I ever put those two colors together until I got here." And now she just can't stop -- let that be a lesson to you impressionable kids out there. Orange and green are just the gateway colors to even more addictive combinations. And since the producers have apparently decided that too much Todd will only let us know what the hell is going on, that's enough helpful advice for now -- Todd gives the Top Designers until 9 p.m. to get cracking on their design work.

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