Torchwood: Eve Myles and Euros Lyn Q&A

A few months ago we got the chance to talk to Eve Myles, the delightful star of Torchwood, while she was visiting New York for the first time (she was braving the New York Comic Con). We also got to talk to director Euros Lyn, who helmed all five episodes of the third season. The duo has worked together before, on a little show called Doctor Who and seemed delighted to be reunited to do Torchwood: Children of the Earth. The show debuts in the US on Monday on BBC America (we've seen it -- it's good!), but before then, read their take on the episodes, working on Doctor Who, running, and working with children.

First up, Eve

TWoP: Are you excited to be here?
Eve Myles: I'm very, very excited. Very excited indeed. I must warn you that the last two people I spoke to, their have technical things have just broken up.

TWoP: You think you're cursed? Okay. I've been warned.
Myles: Just far too Welsh. That's what it is. I'm just far too Welsh on technology.

TWoP: Well my recorder is the most low tech thing on Earth.
Myles: It looks pretty... How are you doing today?

TWoP: I'm very well. So how are you? Did you just get in?
Myles: I got in late last night and I've never been to New York before. I worked in Washington DC a couple of times and spent quite a bit of time there and I have family in West Virginia which is very nice so basically that's the only time I've spent in America. But New York as you say is a very different kettle of fish.

TWoP: Indeed. I think fans are sort of still reeling from the end of last season, and the loss of two major characters. How are you feeling about it?
Myles: Yeah. I was so depressed about it. It's a big blow.

TWoP: What was your reaction when you first saw that script?
Myles: Oh gosh. I think on a personal scale it was like losing two friends. I hate to sound clich├ęd but we're a very tight knit crew. I felt terrible, absolutely horrible. We're losing two great friends and two great characters, but if you want to look at it as a drama, which you should, it was super drama that people are still talking about.

TWoP: How was it going back into the third season just having the three of you?
Myles: We got to do a Radio 4 Torchwood drama ourselves. So we got the grieving process out. We've gotten into that kind of thing. We're progressing with the series, it's a very dangerous world. It's a very dangerous place to work. And you come and go. It keeps you on your feet. You remind people that it's not a safe environment. It's very much of how you go to work in the morning you may not come home. That's what happens to Tosh and to Owen. I think they're a huge symbol this year. This isn't a safe place.

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