The Creepy Kids Are Coming, Be Warned

by Angel Cohn July 17, 2009
Torchwood: Eve Myles and Euros Lyn Q&A

TWoP: The trailer has a little snippet of you getting thrown back and an explosion. Are there lots of action sequences?
Myles: Yeah. You all like that? I was like, 'OK. First page... Gwen, great... Runs. Runs... Runs. Runs... gets blown up.' I was like, 'Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, OK, OK, OK,' but it is a very strong symbol this year that it highlights the people that are left and it highlights the people that are left for the organization. It highlights Gwen's commitment to Torchwood. She could have easily packed her bags up and said 'I'm off.' She doesn't. She comes back. She's militant. She comes back fighting.

TWoP: Will there be a lot of Rhys (Gwen's husband) this time around? You two have the sweetest scenes together.
Myles: Yeah. It's very well written and Kai [Owen] and I are very close. And we work very well together. And it's very important to have those scenes. You always need to remind the audience why these two people are together and it's because they love each other. And it's not flash and aesthetic and starry. They're best friends and they love each other very, very much. You see Gwen doing all these heroic kind of acts and you see this ordinary couple in an extraordinary circumstance. So when you see all these extraordinary things that Gwen goes through during the day and then goes home and does what I would do or you would do.

TWoP: Cuddle up.
Myles: Cwtching. You cwtch in and pass the wine and put the telly on and instead of saying 'I lost a file on the computer today,' she says, 'You know I killed an eight headed snake' or whatever it may be. It's made her life a lot easier now that she's able to share it with Rhys.

TWoP: Is that fun for you as an actress to be able to play like "oh I'm tough" and then have those softer moments?
Myles: Absolutely. I think it's completely a balanced character. She's not a big tough action hero. She's Gwen Cooper. She's a young woman with a very organized head on her. A hell of a lot of responsibility and having that put upon her she's grabbed it with both hands and gone, 'OK I'll take care of it.' She's a strong woman. And then for me to go and do scenes where I'm blowing things up, shooting things, I'm running for several hours a day, whatever it may be and then to go back and have the dialogue with Kai just to cut to Rhys and have those lovely quiet moments is a joy to play. It shows a different side to Gwen. She's not made of steel and she's not extraordinary. She's not. She's very ordinary. So that's a very long answer to a very short question.

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