The Creepy Kids Are Coming, Be Warned

by Angel Cohn July 17, 2009
Torchwood: Eve Myles and Euros Lyn Q&A Myles: I think you'll really enjoy this one. It's very different to what you've seen in the past. It has a very dark theme to it. But there's also an awful lot of Torchwood humor fitted in as well. So I think you'll really, really enjoy it.

TWoP: Do you have a break before the fourth season?
Myles: It's far too early to predict the fourth series at the moment.

TWoP: OK. I'm just ignoring any possibility that it won't go on.
Myles: It's too early to predict the fourth one. If there is that would be great. We'll see how the next one does.

TWoP: So what's next on your plate?
Myles: There's lots of things going on at the moment. I'm desperate to get back to the theatre. As it goes it's kind of there's a lot of TV and films at the moment. There's a lot of exciting things.

TWoP: So we'll be seeing you in lots of places.
Myles: Yes. Yes you will. You'll be sick of my sight.

TWoP: I don't think we have to worry about that. Are you excited about how well Torchwood does in America?
Myles: I'm absolutely enthralled that it's so well received out here. None of us expected it and it's kind of great in a way cause we've done our job and we just give it to you now. We just want you to enjoy it.

Next up, Euros

TWoP: I'm very excited that you're moving over to Torchwood. How did that come about?
Euros Lyn: I've worked on Doctor Who and Julie Gardener, one of the execs invited me out for a drink one night and said 'Listen. We've got this plum, Torchwood series three, we want to make it five episodes. One story and one director. Would you be interested?' And I was like, 'Oh my.' Cause that sounds like so much work. It's so much work. Five hours of TV in one go. That was the thing that scared me the most. Would I be able to cope with it? The series itself I've been a big fan of and it's set in my hometown of Cardiff. It's got fantastic actors like John Barrowman and all those things really made me excited about doing it. It's just a huge amount of work...

TWoP: This is the first time that we're getting it close to the same time as the UK. Are you happy about that?
Lyn: It just makes perfect sense, just 'cause the world is all joined on the internet. Everybody is reading the same blogs and websites. You know it just makes perfect sense that this one story gets released all at once. If you start getting kind of spoiled, if it's in danger of getting spoiled for you, it's much more fun to discover as the story unfolded. The other thing which I think is brilliant at having a global effect is that it's a global story. We've got one story about this entity which says, "We are coming".

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