Torchwood: Eve Myles and Euros Lyn Q&A Lyn: I think in a strange way, I have not really found Doctor Who to be less dark necessarily because Doctor Who has its own bleakness and horror. I guess that in Torchwood has been more visual horror and sexually is a more explicit theme. But beyond that the fundamentals of the story exist in the realm. It was never much of a leap. One of the great things about Torchwood especially about season three is that it sort of deals with love and parting and sorrow and those are universal themes that Doctor Who really deals with as well.

TWoP: You're coming in after a hell of a finale for Torchwood. How did you deal with so much change?
Lyn: I think when you want to tell a dramatic story you want it to have a beginning, a middle and an end. And once the story has been told, you kind of want to move on and tell a new story. And I think season two told a good story and wrapped that up. Not to say it's past and forgotten. Those ghosts are very present in season three for Jack and Gwen but it is a new story and we start in a new place and the story takes us in a brand new direction.

TWoP: Any exciting guest stars?
Lyn: One of our lead guests is Peter Capaldi who plays a government civil servant. Do you know who he is? He was in one of the episodes of Doctor Who. The Pompeii episode. He's just such a fantastic actor. He plays quite a character who as an audience member you can be quite ambivalent about. He's very ambiguous about whether he's a good character, a bad character, his objectives. Is he Torchwood's enemy or is he their friend? I think in Russell's writing and in the way we approach the show is that we never wanted to have villains who easily were dismissed as bad characters. Human beings usually have equal measure.

TWoP: Even the Weevils are kind of nice occasionally. They look really horrible but you know they have feelings too.
Lyn: [Laughs]

TWoP: You have worked with Eve on Doctor Who. Was it exciting to work with her again?
Lyn: Absolutely. I first worked with Eve about ten years ago on a kind of family drama set in Wales called Belonging. I've tried to work with Eve so many times. She's always busy. She's at the RSC, she's in theatre, she's doing Charles Dickens adaptations. She's forever working so to get the chance to work with her again is amazing. She is so full of life and passion and soul. It's always nice to have a friend. Somebody to sit with who understands you.

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