Torchwood: Eve Myles and Euros Lyn Q&A

TWoP: What was it like being the new guy on set?
Lyn: Cardiff isn't a huge place and the industry is quite small there. Lots of people on the cast and my team were looking forward to it. It was very much like working with your mates.

TWoP: Now how was it working with all the children?
Lyn: [Long pause]

TWoP: No comment?
Lyn: [Laughs] You can't work in a series called Children of Earth without expecting to direct a few children. The lead kids in it were a dream. They're really talented and they're something special. And then lots of the big background scenes we've got with kids we keep coming back to were really tough because it was just so many of them. In the first episode you can see them all frozen. Two hundred kids in the playground, frozen, not moving, and in the background there's one of them scratching their head, so we used CGI to freeze some of them.

TWoP: I can't imagine dealing with 200 kids all at once. How'd you handle that?
Lyn: A big megaphone. And to start with, it's a process of discovery for us. We sort of gradually worked out that it was nice cop/nasty cop. And I'd be bossy nasty cop which was four months on set and I'd be screaming and shouting if things were going wrong. And Stephen, my first A. D., he would be the one who was kind of supportive. That routine worked out quite well.

TWoP: What else are you working on? Or do you have coming up?
Lyn: Well, I'm going to go straight from this to the Doctor Who finale. That will take me to more or less towards the end of the year, really. After that I'm not sure.

TWoP: Are you looking for anything not sci-fi to work on?
Lyn: In a strange way I don't think I particularly approach whether or not it's sci fi...They're great dramatic stories. Themes that affect and touch us all. So in a way, I think I'd love to do sci-fi if it's well written. Whatever.

TWoP: There's a lot of action in this trailer...Is there more action to come in the five episodes?
Lyn: It grows and grows and all hell breaks loose. When the kids constantly promise "we are coming", "we are coming" and this entity arrives and creates proverbial carnage.

TWoP: Are there any new Torchwood employees or do they send anyone in from another branch?
Lyn: At one point, Mickey Smith and Martha Jones were going to join the story and because of one thing or another, both with Freema [Agyeman] and Noel [Clarke] incredibly busy and successful. Obviously Torchwood can come back with lots of new characters who they need. You can't save the world with just three people so along the way we do get some new characters.

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