Torchwood: Eve Myles and Euros Lyn Q&A

TWoP: So what else do you watch? Do you watch any shows for fun?
Lyn: I'm a big fan of Heroes. I've enjoyed season 3 at least. Lots of people...

TWoP: Very controversial stand that you're taking there.
Lyn: Battlestar Galactica, I'm a big fan of. It's fantastic. But have you been watching a series called Skins? I've been enjoying that very much. It's inventive and really unusual.

TWoP: I'm waiting for the Americanized version to come and ruin everything that was fun about it.
Lyn: Is that going to be?

TWoP: I hope not. Are you ever worried when you're directing stuff that the slang might not translate across or is that not your concern?
Lyn: That's a good question. For ages the rest of Britain didn't get to see anything from Wales. Maybe we didn't make anything good enough. Or maybe we just didn't make anything. But I remember there was this movie made in Wales and it was shown in England and afterwards the audience said, 'Oh I wish you'd put subtitles on it cause I can't understand what they said' and I was mystified 'cause I understood every word that they said. The thought had never crossed my mind. I think on a show like Torchwood, which does sell across the world, we do want to appeal to a huge audience and the last thing we want to do is shut people out. But nevertheless it has to be truthful. It has to be truthful to our experiences. The world in which we live. So I guess there is a balance. Kind of being specific and yet in this world.

TWoP: I like the slang.
Lyn: Do you ever find yourself not understanding what's going on?

TWoP: No. But I tend to watch a lot of BBC America. This one I keep trying to tell folks if you like cop shows watch this. It's just got a couple of little aliens on it sometimes.
Lyn: I think like a guiding touring principle is if this story actually happened, how would human beings respond if an alien entity was to come and make a terrible demand.

TWoP: I always love the Doctor Whos where the rest of the public just shrugs off a giant blimp on Christmas Eve.
Lyn: There's one scene in the first episode of the season. One character says there's no such thing as aliens. And Gwen says those days have gone. And when I watch the scene I kind of have to check myself because it's so persuasive, this idea that there are such a things as alien life. I have to remind myself that it has not been discovered yet. The Mars probe has been sending back data about stuff that it's found. There's something in the paper [recently] that some mathematician came up with this theory that there must be 361 other forms of planets that sustain alien life in the galaxy. I don't know how they came up with that but... but it's plausible.

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