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Balancing Act
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Salani (Women's Tribe), Night 3. They return from Tribal Council and Mike walks over and immediately tells them that he kept their fire going for them. Kat is like, "I just started the fire." Mike says it was still hot. How is that keeping the fire going? And who cares, since they just got flint at Tribal Council? Shut up, Mike. Anyway, Kat and Alicia tell Mike that Kourtney got removed for medical reasons so they didn't have to vote anyone out. Then they all go to bed.

Christina calls Alicia aside and asks if they can clear the air after their blow-up at Tribal Council. Alicia agrees readily, but in an interview, she tells us that she thought Tribal Council went really well because Christina ended up looking crazy. I thought Alicia ended up looking crazy and Christina ended up looking like a hothead, but that could be editing. Christina says that she felt like Alicia was being rude in not letting her talk and Alicia apologizes. So everything's cool, right? They shake hands and hug. But Alicia interviews that if Christina were drowning in an ocean, she'd look the other way, and she has her alliance of five, so she's all set. And also Nina looks like a bag of rocks. Not sure why she threw that in, except maybe she's saying that they need to keep stronger people around and Nina's exhausted? I don't know.

The next morning, the women's tribe holds a meeting. They decide to put Tribal Council behind them. They all agree that Sabrina should be the leader, because she's direct and doesn't bark orders and doesn't get emotional. Everyone seems to agree, so Sabrina accepts the role. She interviews that "managing the airheads is going to be exhausting." I like Sabrina; I wish she hadn't given Colton the idol, though. That is making me question her judgment. Sabrina lays out that they need people in charge of water, food, shelter, and fire. Monica volunteers to handle water. Kat and Alicia are going to go look for food. I thought Kat was in charge of the fire?

Sabrina suggests that they observe the area and leave markers for where they've looked. I guess she's telling them to be methodical about it, so they don't waste time looking for food in places they're already looked. Kat doesn't get it and says that she doesn't want to observe -- she wants to find food. Kat is dumb. In case you hadn't noticed already, that will be a theme of this episode. She is not bright. She also has apparently laid in a supply of eyeliner, which I don't get. Nina interviews that it's "the younger gals" against the older ones at this point, and Nina is hoping to find her place. Later, someone asks Kat if she's going to find food, and Kat says that she's waiting for Alicia (who's standing there picking her teeth, so I'm not sure what the hold up is). And then next thing you know, the two of them are hanging out in the water, wondering if they are in trouble because they're not doing any work. Ugh. They are idiots.

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