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In the Name of the Fathers
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Over Jake's opening VO monologue, which is either similar or identical to the one from the pilot, we see shots of a young man in India holding a carved urn, a young wannabe magician practicing in his room, an older bearded guy, and a man donning a ski mask along with the usual images illustrating the immutable patterns of the universe. Like before, Jake tells us he's never said a single word. "But that's okay. I have someone who hears me now." That would be his dad Kiefer, smiling proudly as he watches Jake doing his inscrutable busywork in their cavernous apartment. There's a knock on the door from incompetent social worker Claire, who Kiefer reluctantly lets in after saying he's not bringing Jake back to the clinic he escaped from just last night. Yes, apparently it's the day after Jake's stunt at the cell phone tower, which makes it March 19. Claire says nothing has changed, but Kiefer insists that Jake's communicating now and he has to find the guy with the number Jake dialed last night (718-673-5296, according to Kiefer's phone display, which also says he called a lot earlier than he did). Claire argues that Jake has escaped from every school Kiefer's put him in -- not that either of them brings up the fact that he escaped from Claire's facility too -- and says she's trying to keep the state from taking Jake away for good, but Kiefer refuses to go along... until Claire threatens to call the police. Jake's suddenly on his feet and Kiefer explains to Jake that she's taking him back to the clinic, but it'll be okay. Jake holds out a pen as if offering it to Kiefer, but when Kiefer moves to take it like they're in Say Anything, Jake instead writes the same phone number on Kiefer's hand before leaving with Claire. For now.

But Kiefer is still so committed to his son that he waits almost until the end of his shift as a JFK baggage handler to get online and look up the number, which leads to Arnie's Pawn Shop at an address in New York. Just then his boss assigns him the task of schlepping a caged dog named Lyov cross the terminal for a Moscow-bound flight for some VIP. Kiefer loads up what must be some dog.

Elsewhere at the airport, a uniformed flight attendant is battling foot traffic upstream when she collides with the young Indian man, knocking the urn out of his hands and spilling its powdery contents on the floor. She's in a rush to "see a man about a dog," but offers to have someone clean up the dirt. "It's not dirt! It's my father!" the young man wails as he tries to scoop the ashes off the floor. Of course it is.

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