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A Series of Unlikely Events
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My Fox affiliate's news promo and local ads cut off most of Jake's opening VO, which I'm trying not to be too sad about. It seems to be about humans being hard-wired to communicate and wanting to feel heard, which explains all the signals and signs we're always sending and looking for. This week's sad-sack cast appears to include a hairy loser in front of a message-free computer in a messy geek-den, a young guy in a church editing something in pencil, Chris Raq and his buddy in Baghdad from the pilot, and the still-missing lottery winner Randall, also from the pilot, now sitting outside a church in Lynchburg, whose sign promises answers to our questions, holding his uncashed lottery ticket and a newspaper folded open to the article about how the search for him continues. I'm curious about what other non-news stories are also in that paper. Obama still president? Elvis still dead? Jake's VO concludes that just because we don't get a message doesn't mean none was sent -- just that we aren't listening hard enough. Touch is clearly not getting the message from its ratings.

Kiefer's at the clinic, dressed for a funeral and holding a plain red kite, like it's possible to find a kite in this world that doesn't have Clone Wars or Pokémon or something all over it. Sorry, kids, you can come back onto my lawn. He's here to pick up Jake for a Sunday outing and for some reason he shows Clea a letter from the state saying they've finally hit the wall on being able to identify the tiniest scrap of his wife Sarah's remains from 9/11. He's disappointed, but not exactly surprised; he just wanted to be able to bury something or look up and know where she was when the buildings fell. Too bad he keeps getting into fights with the one person who could tell him. Kiefer says he traveled a lot when Jake was a baby and wasn't there for either of them. "I thought I had all the time in the world." Whose therapist do you think Clea is anyway, Kiefer? He's having second thoughts about his plans to take Jake to the cemetery today, but Clea thinks Jake deserves to see Kiefer missing her. I'm sure Jake will be visibly moved.

Later, at the cemetery, Kiefer and Jake are walking between the graves while Kiefer tries to talk to Jake about his dead mom who left no physical remains, when suddenly Jake breaks into a run with his kite. That's how Kiefer is led to find a younger man kneeling at Sarah's grave, who he probably would have met anyway. They introduce themselves to each other, and it turns out that Bobby was a bike messenger who became friends with Sarah on his route. Before he can learn more, Kiefer has to go chase after Jake and his kite. Bobby looks like he's taking off, and when Kiefer wants to chase after him and talk to him some more, he picks up Jake's notebook, which today is open to a page of different permutations of the numbers 9.5 and 9:50. Kiefer checks the time on his cell phone and just as it turns to 9:50, Jake releases the kite into the wind. "Okay, Jake, we'll follow it," Kiefer says and embarks on this week's wild-goose chase.

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