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In New York, Kiefer is online with Roger and learning about how the financial firm Walt worked for took his product and robbed everyone, including their dad, who later died. The explanation on the show is almost exactly as specific as what I just provided, by the way. Walt has been missing ever since, but Kiefer says he's alive and, if not exactly well, trying to make up for what he did and they have until 6:00 tonight to do something about it. He explains to Charlie what Walt said about the magic sword of truth and asks to see the few boxes Roger left behind. Let's hope Charlie's got those handy.

Clea's at the hospital, where a conversation with the nurse makes it sound like it was her schizophrenic mother who Kiefer saw flattened by the cab earlier, near the train bridge where she used to take Clea as a child. But when she's ushered into the room, it's not her mom at all, even though the last number on the phone they found on her was Clea's. You want to fuck with Jake, Clea? He'll fuck with you right back. Clea takes off, but at least she gets to keep the phone that called her. This poor homeless woman is being stripped of her possessions all over the place.

Teller presents himself all dressed up in a suit at the clinic's front desk, asking to talk to the director. Clea's boss Sheri wanders up and she and Teller already know each other. He claims to want a tour for a possible patient and she agrees to give him one, even if she isn't thrilled about it.

Inside one of those boxes, Kiefer finds a strongbox with a combination lock in it. Charlie has no idea what the combination is, but of course when Kiefer tries 3287 it pops right open. Nice security, Roger, using your street address for the combination. Its contents include a sealed envelope, which Kiefer opens to reveal an inter-office memo that he tells Charlie is "the magic sword of truth. But it's 5:43 and he's got 22 blocks to travel. Cut to Kiefer running full-tilt down the sidewalk. Meanwhile, in Soweto, Grace wakes up in the middle of the night to hear Fumbe tuning up on Sauda. And at the clinic, Jake contemplates door 6.

Sheri shows Teller the clinic's rec room and then asks what he's really doing here, not buying his story at all. Suddenly Jake (who is back in the rec room) starts humming and when Cheri checks on him, he only hums louder. Kiefer keeps running. Grace hears more sounds of beating, and then takes the metal pot she reclaimed from her brother that day and goes outside Sauda's door to bang on it until Fumbe comes out angrily. Jake's hum rises to a scream. The other women in the village come out to join Grace pounding pots along with her in solidarity against Fumbe. What the hell is happening? Meanwhile, it's 4Soweto's turn in the Worldwide Dance Battle and as he dances in the darkened computer lab while his friends shine flashlights on him, he's catching up to the Beastmaster in votes. Jake's still screaming. We cut all around between these settings, as Kiefer arrives at the office of his old paper, the Herald; 4Soweto celebrates, Teller stands there watching Jake scream and the little toy car rolls back into the hallway from under the door of room six, all by itself. Jakes stops screaming, and Kiefer presents himself in front of Rush Middleton's desk saying, "Whatever you wrote, delete it. You're starting over." If only I could do that with this weecap.

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