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Week Seven

Previously on Tough Enough: people think Harvard Chris is pompous. Wait, that never happened previously! Shadrick got cut and Jacqueline wept. Paulina was worried that her body won't be able to stand up to the training. ["I would link to that, except it comes up in every episode." -- Wing Chun]

House of Pain. Injury montage -- pretty much all of the contestants get hurt at one point or another. Paulina voice-overs that she hurt her knee on Wednesday and didn't tell anyone because she thought it would get better over the weekend. Clearly, it didn't, and she got re-injured. As she sits ringside, Al Snow yells at her for not telling him about her injury, and points out that she's better off sitting and watching than training with an injury, because if she blows out her knee, she's done for good. That sounds sensible, but you have to take into consideration that this is a competition, and that Paulina is incredibly insecure, what with her constant worries about not being able to handle it.

Spring is coming, based on all the green lawns and stuff. At least it's not snowing anymore. All of the contestants miss their family and friends, and talk to them on the phone. Taylor tells someone on the phone that they will be drawing two contestants' names out of a hat, and that those people will get to have visitors from home.

At home, Paulina has an ice pack on her knee. At the House of Pain, the contestants do jumping jacks as Kurt Angle sneaks in the back. Josh and Nidia express how excited they were to see Angle, and yet they had to continue doing jumping jacks. Montage of Kurt Angle's matches. Angle tells the contestants about his three I's (for non-WWF watchers, those would be intensity, integrity, and intelligence). Kurt details his amateur wrestling background, which culminated in winning the Olympic gold medal for wrestling. After the Olympics, Kurt went to visit the WWF, but he thought professional wrestling was a joke, and fake. Vince McMahon offered Kurt a multimillion-dollar deal, and Kurt was laughing inside. When Kurt got home, he and his agent tore up the contract. Two years later, Kurt was watching RAW, and he recognized the athleticism as well as the entertainment value. So, he became a professional wrestler. Does that seem like a legit ending to the story? Doesn't it seem like something is missing in there? Like maybe it should be, "Two years later, Kurt was dead broke, and realized what a fool he was to pass up millions of dollars, so he went crawling back to the WWF." That's my guess, anyway.

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