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Week Seven

Paulina voice-overs that she couldn't keep up with the others on the first day in the Bahamas, due to her knee injury. Paulina and Big have a meal together. Paulina asks Big whether he's ever seen people scared to go back in the ring after an injury. Big tells her that it's pretty common, but that she has the look of a superstar. That might seem like a non sequitur, but I think he was trying to say that Paulina shouldn't be scared because she has an automatic advantage over the other woman due to her size. In an interview, Paulina says that she knows she could be a superstar, which is both exciting and scary.

Big gathers all of the contestants together in their hotel and suggests that they have their drawing for guests today. In an interview, Harvard Chris says that he wants to see his girlfriend. Josh's and Greg's names are pulled. In an interview, Harvard Chris says that he knew Greg's girlfriend was having surgery on the weekend designated for the visit, and that she couldn't come. Harvard Chris offered Greg $150 for his visit. Meanwhile, Josh plays his recorder and it's really fucking annoying. Harvard Chris is reading. See the contrast? Yeah, me too. Enough.

At a club, everyone drinks and dances. In an interview, Greg says that he thinks Harvard Chris has been removed from the camaraderie. Greg, again with the diplomacy. What he really wants to say is that Harvard Chris is an aloof snob. A drunken Harvard Chris goes to his hotel room and can't get in. In an interview, Chris-tian says he found out that people aren't fond of Harvard Chris. In an interview, Greg says that it's time for Harvard Chris's true persona to be unveiled. Nidia lets Harvard Chris into their suite so that he can get into his own room via the adjoining door. Harvard Chris stumbles in and jokes around with everyone, or tries to. As Harvard Chris walks away, Josh calls out, "I heard you made a fucking ass of yourself tonight." Harvard Chris stomps back and gets all up in Josh's business. In an interview, Josh says that he thinks Harvard Chris would take advantage of his size, and that he seems like a bully. Harvard Chris grabs Josh's shirt and gets in his face. In an interview, Josh says that he thinks Harvard Chris was just upset because he acted like an idiot, especially since Harvard Chris always tries to protect his image. Harvard Chris and his image are completely passed out on the bed. In an interview, Josh says that, now that he knows how to push Harvard Chris's buttons, he can piss Harvard Chris off again, and Josh might do it the next time he's bored.

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