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Week Seven

The contestants pack up to go home. In an interview, Taylor says that the trip picked up their spirits. In an interview, Chris-tian says that the trip cleared his mind, but that it will be hard to get back into the training now. Greg mock-whines that he doesn't want to go home. Big tells them, on the shuttle to the airport, that the competition will only get more intense as the contestants' numbers dwindle.

Once the contestants get home, Harvard Chris calls his girlfriend and pretends that she doesn't get to come visit, but then reveals that he paid Greg for his pick. Then, Greg finds out that his girlfriend's surgery was cancelled, so she could have visited. Greg's girlfriend thinks that because Harvard Chris hasn't paid him yet, Greg can still "take that shit back." Greg tells Maven about it. Maven thinks that Harvard Chris will understand. Has he met Harvard Chris? Is he new? Greg approaches Harvard Chris and tells him of the dilemma. Harvard Chris, unsurprisingly, isn't having it. Harvard Chris feels that Greg made a mistake in not checking with his girlfriend before selling the pick. Greg says that he doesn't know what to do, and Harvard Chris tells Greg that Greg doesn't have a choice in the matter, because it's no longer his pick to take back. I now officially hate Harvard Chris for trying to pretend this is a logic problem, when the right thing to do was obviously to give Greg his pick back.

Paulina goes to find out her MRI results. Again, not much else to say about that.

House of Pain. Josh has a sun blister on his nose from the trip. Al Snow puts tape over Josh's nose (either to hide or protect the blister), and then draws cat whiskers on the tape. Al Snow advises Josh to "tell chicks [he's] like a panther...[and] an animal in bed." Clearly, everyone likes to tease Josh and have a good time, even though he was pretty annoying with that recorder.

After they train for the day, Big needs Josh and Greg to give him their visitors' names. Josh says, "Jamie." Greg tells Big to talk to Harvard Chris. Greg is being so cool about this. In an interview, Josh says that Greg was "trying to be the stand-up guy," and might have been waiting for Harvard Chris to be the stand-up guy right back, but Harvard Chris wasn't. Maven feels that Harvard Chris should have let Greg have his pick back. In an interview, Harvard Chris calls it "an ugly, unfortunate situation, but, you know, that's the way it is." It's nice to know that now that Baby Huey is gone, we have a new villain in town.

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