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Week Six

Previously on Tough Enough: Baby Huey got the red tag, meaning that he was the first contestant to be cut. Paulina felt a lot of pressure, because she doesn't want to be "the only big, slow person." Al Snow wept at Shadrick's poor bumping technique.

House of Pain. Al Snow hopes that Baby Huey's being cut will give the rest of them some motivation. In an interview, Chris-tian says that everyone was on edge that day. Al Snow stands over Shadrick while he does some squat thrusts. Shadrick looks like he's about to puke. Again. Shadrick voice-overs that he's "the underdog," and there's a lot of pressure on him. At least I think that's what he said. It's hard to tell.

Various contestants do mid-air flips, landing on their backs. Al Snow gives Shadrick some pointers about being aware of his body while in the air. Shadrick keeps going over kind of crooked, which doesn't look too good. Tori points out that Shadrick's landings are fine, but that he has "a definitive weakness on one side." Big agrees. In an interview, Jacqueline says she wants Shadrick to do well because he's a nice guy.

Tazz uses Josh to demonstrate a maneuver. Josh lies on his back and Tazz lifts up his legs, and then shows how Josh has to let Tazz do whatever he wants, because he has no control. In an interview, Josh (who is sporting some new highlights) says that the impending cuts make you work as hard as you can. In an interview, Al says that Josh is at a slight disadvantage due to his smaller size, but that it just means Josh will have to work a lot harder.

The contestants practice moves in the ring. Nidia takes Chris-tian down, and Tazz stops them. He points out the way Chris-tian put his hands behind him to break his fall, and Al notes that he will break his arms that way. Tazz gives a little speech to the effect that you always have to be ready to take a bump correctly, and claims that if he slipped on some milk on the floor of the supermarket, he could take the bump. Seriously, I would pay money to see Tazz slip on some milk and fall. Not that I don't like him -- I just think it would be funny. In an interview, Chris-tian says that when he first got there, he thought he would be a natural, but now he is discovering that his natural ability doesn't exist.

Nidia talks on the phone to someone and says that she had a horrible day, and that there are a lot of injuries. Paulina tells someone on the phone that it's tough. Chris-tian tells someone on the phone that he's resting up. In an interview, Harvard Chris says that it was a great night to go out and have a good time.

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