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Week Six

Taylor voice-overs that they went to a place called "Lucky Cheng's," and that it was wild, crazy, and fun. In an interview, Harvard Chris says that he'd never been to a place with a completely transvestite staff. We see some shots of the various wait staff, and they are all transvestites, in case you didn't believe Chris. Nidia says that Big bought her a lap dance, and we see parts of it. It starts out normal enough, with Nidia sitting in a chair and the "lady" dancing around her. Suddenly, the lady is sitting in the chair, and Nidia has her head between the dancer's thighs, doing a headstand. What the hell kind of lap dance is that? All of the contestants sit at a long table and watch. In an interview, Taylor says that some of the contestants come from small towns and have never seen such things, but that they all had a good time anyway. See, that's one reason I like this show. On The Real World, this excursion would have ended in tears and recriminations.

In an interview, Greg says that he was one of the people who had never seen such things, but that he got pulled out of the crowd to strip, and so he did. Greg gets pretty into it, and let's face it -- he's got the body for it. Harvard Chris does some stripping of his own, and Nidia seems pretty into it. There's an announcement that the wait staff needs someone to volunteer to be made over into a transvestite. In an interview, Maven says that Big chose him to do it, because he's secure enough in his masculinity. Good for him. Maven is brought out, and he looks more like Ronald McDonald than a woman. He does a little dance on a platform and his roommates congratulate him. In an interview, Chris-tian says that Maven makes a great-looking woman, and that he wants her number. Heh. I'm glad they are all so laid-back about this.

House of Pain. The contestants are all getting hip-tossed by Tori. As usual, Shadrick screws it up. Tori stops him and tells him not to use her shoulder to push off, and corrects him. In an interview, Shadrick says that there is a lot on the line. Tori tosses Shadrick around the ring some more, but then stops and tells him he's still dragging on her shoulder. In an interview, Shadrick says that he should be up there on the list, and that he doesn't want to get cut. Al Snow and Tazz have a little side conference with Shadrick, in which they tell him to get his head on straight, and that he can do this.

Back at the house, Maven is on the phone with his mom. He tells her that she can't watch the episode in which he dressed up like a girl. She thinks it would be funny. Maven agrees that it was hilarious. In an interview, Maven says that his mom is very supportive and happy for him. His mom calls him "an old dyke," which is actually pretty funny, because it's totally something my mom would do. She'd try to use some phrase she doesn't quite understand, and get it totally wrong. Maven asks what she said, and then laughs at her, but not unkindly. Aw, Maven loves his mommy. His mom realizes that she said the wrong word, and laughs with him.

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