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Week Six

Big arrives at the house with videotapes of Smackdown for them to watch together. In an interview, Chris-tian says that it's interesting to watch now, because they look for technical things, and he was wondering whether he would be on the show in nine weeks. Big wonders where Josh is, since he talks about wrestling more than anyone. Nidia explains that Josh can't watch the show with anyone, because he gets too annoyed. Shadrick says that Josh considers the rest of them casual fans. Big is all, "Really?" and calls Josh over. In an interview, Josh says that Big got the wrong idea, and that he doesn't like to watch it with others critiquing the wrestlers, because the people on the show have been doing it for a number of years. Josh thinks it's ridiculous for the contestants, who have been doing it for a few weeks, to be critical. I see where he's coming from, but he really needs to lighten up a little bit. I don't think anyone was being disrespectful, and I think it's probably helpful for each contestant to watch real matches and see how the pros recover from mistakes.

The contestants relax around the house. Maven talks to his mom on the phone again. In an interview, Maven tells us that his mom was diagnosed in January with bone marrow cancer, and that it was the hardest issue he's ever had to deal with. On the phone, Maven asks his mother about her blood. In an interview, Maven says that his mom has an "uproad" battle ahead of her, and that sixty to seventy percent of his days are consumed with thoughts of his mother. On the phone, Maven and his mother tell each other they love each other. In an interview, Maven says, "She is my life. She is my everything." How could you not be rooting for Maven now?

House of Pain. Al gives them twenty-four hours' notice until the next cut. In an interview, Chris-tian says that he was sure the second cut would be him. The contestants practice various flips, bumps, and tosses. At one point, they all start hip-tossing each other onto a mat. Chris-tian does one to Shadrick, and Al Snow stops and yells at Shadrick for screwing it up, threatening to pull him out of the ring. Cut to an interview with Shadrick, who is crying. He says he's upset because he's not performing the way he knows he can. Jacqueline goes over and tries to comfort him. Al walks over and asks what's up. Shadrick says that the pressure is getting to him. Al says he doesn't know what pressure is until he walks into the ring in front of millions of people across the country on live television, and says that if Shadrick can't handle the pressure now, he won't be able to handle it in the WWF. Al concludes by asking Shadrick how bad he wants it. Shadrick says that he does want it, and Al encourages him to get back in the ring and try again. Shadrick does, and I guess he does okay, because no one yells at him.

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