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Week Six

Taylor does a hip toss on Chris-tian, but Tori stops them and says that Chris-tian is taking a little hop right before the toss. Chris-tian tries again, but loses his confidence and ducks out of the move. Al tells him that he has to stop that. Chris tries again, and Al talks to him again. In an interview, Chris-tian says that he was shocked, because he thought he was doing well. Al tells him that he will hurt himself or someone else. Chris-tian and Shadrick face off in the ring. Al stops them and says that now they know what they have been doing to everyone else in the ring. Chris-tian looks discouraged. Man, I had him pegged for going all the way! Or at least pretty far.

Back at the house, Taylor has that striped sweater on again. Josh and Taylor discuss whom they think will be cut. Josh thinks that it will be Chris-tian. Taylor doesn't want him to go, and neither does Josh, who then admits that it also could be him. Paulina tells Josh he's crazy to think that. Taylor asks if he thinks it's because he's smaller than the other guys.

In an interview, Shadrick says that his dream is to be a professional wrestler, and that he doesn't know what's holding him back in the ring. We see him in the house, working on some moves with Paulina. No, not those kinds of moves. Wrestling moves. No, not those kinds of wrestling moves.

Big calls Tori, Jacqueline, and Al together to discuss the cut. Big holds up Josh's picture. Jacqueline says he works hard, and is a good bumper. Tori says that he can sometimes be lazy, and that he's going through an aloof phase, and needs maturity. Next up is Chris-tian. Al says that he saw improvement yesterday, but not today. Tori says that Chris-tian has physicality and talent, but that he can't focus. Al says that Chris-tian could possibly be developed into something. Big finishes up with Shadrick. Al says that Shadrick is afraid of failing. Jacqueline says that Shadrick was crying at ringside, and breaks down herself telling the story, saying that she doesn't know why it's getting to her, but that Shadrick was frustrated. Al says that they might be able to pull something out with Shadrick, but that it's a big maybe.

Paulina walks into the house to find Chris-tian lounging on the couch, and she asks why he looks so glum. Chris-tian talks about how poorly he did that day, and that he knows it's him or Shadrick for the cut. Chris-tian says that he thought he was doing okay. Paulina thinks he might just be having a bad day. Chris-tian hopes so.

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