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Week Six

The next morning, they all get ready and eat breakfast. Once they arrive at the House of Pain, Al Snow announces that it's time for cuts, and that it's the worst part of his job. Al encourages the person who gets cut to keep wrestling, and then explains the whole red-tag-in-the-locker thing from last week. He excuses them to go to the locker room, and they all get up and walk out.

None of the girls finds a red tag. Chris-tian doesn't either. Shadrick does. Aw. He hugs the other guys goodbye and mumbles something unintelligible. He's taking it like a champ. He's also wearing an XFL t-shirt. Maybe that's why he got cut. Paulina gives Shadrick a big hug. Shadrick hugs the rest of the girls goodbye. He gives Jacqueline a big hug, and she starts sobbing. Just bawling. What's going on there? He hugs Tori and Al Snow too, but they don't cry. I think Shadrick could get a role in the movie Pootie Tang, because that's how he talks. As Shadrick departs, he voice-overs something about his friends, and how he enjoyed them.

Afterwards, Al tells them that it was hard to say goodbye, and it will only get harder. He performs the "chair to the graveyard" ritual.

Next week: Kurt Angle comes to visit. Paulina hurts her knee and doesn't tell anyone. They get to go to Paradise Island for some reason, and Josh feels that Harvard Chris is bullying him.

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