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Week Four

Props to the posters in the forums for suggesting nicknames to liven things up a bit!

Previously on Tough Enough: Jason left, and Greg told us it was "a total mind-blower for everybody." Paulina wondered whether she was cut out to be a wrestler. Triple H told the contestants that they either want it or they don't. Boobie Jo (tm spygirl) wondered whether she wants it enough to keep going. Victoria was scared that she'll get hurt.

It's morning, and Taylor and Nidia are just getting up. Chris-tian makes some sort of breakfast drink that involves many, many raw eggs. Paulina puts on her shoes, but she looks like she's about ninety years old, because she can barely bend her legs. Josh eats some cereal. They head out to the vehicles, and Big tells them that only one person will be riding in the Humvee with him. That one person is Victoria. Big asks her how she feels about Jason's leaving, and what her mindset is. Victoria says she's not sure she wants to be a wrestler, and that she's not sure she can do it. We see a flashback to her wobbling around in the ring after hitting her head multiple times. Victoria never thought she would get picked. Big thinks that things happen for a reason. Victoria tells him that she never quit anything before, and that she's not ready to start now. I guess Big must have heard rumblings that Victoria was talking about leaving, so he gave her this one-on-one pep talk. Or, he thinks she's cute.

At the House of Pain (tm TV_Buffy), Al Snow reminds the group about the cuts, and serves them with twenty-four hours' notice. Maven asks whether both a male and a female will get cut, and Al tells him that only one person will be cut. I don't understand how that's going to work, because there are fewer women, so some weeks they will have to cut a man just to even things out, even if all of the remaining women suck. Whatever. In an interview, Shadrick says that if he doesn't get the contract, at least he'll know that he gave 100%. Al tells them that he's not trying to tear them apart, but that they have to take bumps every day. Last week, they learned how to do it, and this week they are becoming conditioned to it so that it's second nature. Montage of various contestants taking bumps. Some of the girls try to flip and land on their backs, but they totally land on their heads instead. In an interview, Josh says that Victoria scares him in the ring, because she looks like she's getting hurt. In an interview, Greg says that he had to turn his head four or five times to avoid seeing Victoria land on the back of her neck. Al shows them how to put on a headlock, and they all pair up and practice. Al takes turns having the contestant put a headlock on him and flip him over onto his back. When Darryl flips him, Al says, "You're a big boy, Darryl." That's an understatement. After weighing over the suggestions given in the forums, I think that the most apt nickname for Darryl is Baby Huey (tm net21designdotcom), both because he's large and ungainly, and because he acts like an infant. When Josh flips Al over, Al calmly says that he gets cranky when a guy lands on his head; he says that Josh has done it about seven times today and it's not even lunch yet. Al reminds Josh to wait until Al has taken the bump, and then land on him, or Al will bite Josh's nipple off and spit it in his face. It was all in the delivery -- totally deadpan.

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