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Week Five

Previously, on Tough Enough: Baby Huey was lazy, and had a bad attitude.

Trax Training Facility, a.k.a. The House of Pain. Various contestants practice taking back bumps as Tori pushes them over. Chris-tian gets a little too into it, and Al Snow calls him "Ritalin boy." Paulina watches from the sidelines, and then says in an interview that her bumps and bruises are affecting her performance in the ring. Shadrick takes his bumps, and they look fine to me, but Al Snow yells at him, which is why he's the DJ and I'm the recapper. I can't believe I just made a Fresh Prince joke. Al tells Shadrick that he looked "like a drive-by shooting victim," and everyone laughs, including Shadrick.

Baby Huey (a.k.a. Darryl) is up next, taking "bumps" from Tori. They really shouldn't even be called bumps, which is why I put them in quotation marks. Basically, he just lies down on the mat, slowly. Harvard Chris says that Baby Huey has picked up the least out of anyone. Al Snow is not happy with Baby Huey's performance, calling it "terrible." He's being kind. In an interview, Baby Huey says that he feels good about how his training is going so far. He puts the "lude" in deluded.

Big tells the group that they are having dinner with Pat Patterson that night. One of the women asks what Pat Patterson does, besides have a funny name. Al Snow explains that Pat used to be "a booker," meaning that he set up matches, determined storylines, and created characters, and that he's been around the WWF for a long time. Harvard Chris tells us that they wanted to impress Pat Patterson with a good meal. Cut to the group walking into the grocery store. To add fuel to the "Harvard Chris/Nidia" romance fire started two weeks ago, Nidia puts her head under his shirt in the parking lot to try to stay dry, since it's raining. Once in the store, Harvard Chris, Nidia, Taylor, and Maven all pile food into the cart. Taylor asks Harvard Chris how much money they have spent, and Harvard Chris guesses that it's over $100. I guess they were given $100 by the WWF to buy food for dinner, and anything over that has to come out of their pockets. They're so wasteful, though. For example, they buy those pre-made bags of salad, instead of just buying a head of lettuce and cutting it up. Oh, well. The total comes to $184.61, and they agree that when that amount is divided ten ways, it won't be that much. In other words, they will each have to chip in $8.46, which really isn't much. Harvard Chris gives the cashier the money, so now everyone has to pay him back the difference.

Back at the house, Baby Huey is bitching about having to give Harvard Chris the money. Baby Huey feels that he didn't preapprove going over budget, so he shouldn't have to pay. In an interview, Harvard Chris says that no one had a problem with spending the extra money except for Baby Huey. Ugh, I hate That Guy. You know, when you go out to dinner with friends and decide to split the bill, and That Guy puts in less than he owes, and then everyone has to pony up some extra money to cover. I always end up paying way extra, because I am a big tipper, and then I get annoyed and try to figure out who underpaid so that I can avoid going out with that person again. Sorry, that's a pet peeve of mine. Is eight dollars really going to break Baby Huey? If so, he should give that as his reason, and I'm sure that people would understand. They're getting free room and board. In an interview, Josh says that watching them fight was like "watching two girls fight over a hairbrush." Whatever, Josh. Baby Huey tries to say that it's nothing personal, but Harvard Chris says that it is, hands Baby Huey his money back, and walks away.

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