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Week Eleven

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Week Eleven

Previously on Tough Enough: Taylor's parents didn't support her wrestling career. Chris-tian didn't feel like it was his time yet, whatever the hell that means, so he left the show. Nidia commented that there were only three weeks left.

House of Pain. The Techno Music of Jacqueline Is About To Say Something Funny plays as the contestants work out some moves in the ring. Or, don't quite work out. Every move they show is botched somehow. Maven hits his head on the camera. Nidia takes a shot to the chest, and Jacqueline comments, "I get kicked in the tits all the time." Okay, they bleeped out "tits," but you know that's what she said. And frankly, maybe if Jacquie's implants weren't, I don't know, the size of a small nation, it would be easier for her opponents to avoid them. Harvard Chris goes flying over the top rope, and I didn't really get why Al Snow was laughing afterward on my initial viewing of the episode. Further review of the tape indicates that Harvard Chris clipped his nuts on the top rope. Ouch. And, heh.

Al Snow tells the assembled contestants that, this week, they are going to learn what it's like to be a professional superstar on the road. The contestants are going to travel with Al Snow to the Pay Per View (conveniently unnamed), RAW, and the Smackdown taping. The contestants are excited,-- especially Harvard Chris, who thinks that they might be able to stop by his parents' house in Chicago. Al Snow tells the contestants that they are his responsibility, then rubs his forehead in a "what am I getting myself into?" gesture and adds that they will be with him the whole time. He points at Josh in particular as someone he's not looking forward to spending so much time with, and Josh laughs and says, "You and me!"

The Strummy Guitar of I Need To Do Laundry plays as the contestants pack up their clothes for the trip. Taylor talks to her father on the phone and tells him about her pending trip. Her father says that they tried to watch wrestling the other night, but had to turn the channel after a few minutes. In an interview, Taylor explains that before coming on the show, she was depressed and directionless and blah blah blah -- we've heard this all before. Taylor tells her mom on the phone that she will be home soon. Her mom wishes she could come home right away. Taylor says that she would only be depressed, but her mother points out that she could watch television. Don't get me wrong -- I love television. Obviously. But is that the best cure for depression? Okay, maybe Gilmore Girls. That would make me less depressed, I think. Anyway, Taylor says that she thinks she'll win. Her mother doesn't want her to be a wrestler. In an interview, Taylor says how frustrating and hurtful it is to trust her parents with her emotions and then not get their support.

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