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Week Ten

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Week Ten

House of Pain. Harvard Chris and Al Snow are wrestling in the ring as Mick Foley walks in the door. Nidia takes on her usual role of telling us that she wasn't really paying attention when suddenly she realized that Mick was there. Have you noticed that she's always the one who says that about the visiting wrestlers? After a quick montage of Mick's greatest hits (which does not include the famous bump from the top of the steel cage), Al Snow introduces Mick to the contestants. Mick thinks that Josh's name is Jonathan at first, but Mick only has one ear, so you can't really fault him for mishearing things.

The contestants all sit in their metal chairs. Tazz jokes that most guys in the locker room hate Mick, but then says sincerely that everyone knows Mick came up the hard way, "because nothing came easy to him." Mick says he heard that Triple H was rough with the contestants, but Mick plans to be nice. Probably because the producers are terrified that more people will drop out if Mick is honest about all of his injuries. Mick asks the contestants how they will feel if they don't win the competition. Chris-tian says that there are "a few things in the ring that [he hasn't] mastered yet." Al Snow pipes up that he can start "a laundry list" of all the things that Chris-tian doesn't know. Mick smooths things over by saying that it's not about how many moves you know, but how you use those moves to create a compelling match. Mick continues, saying that they will be up against guys who do know all the moves, and that unless they want their matches to be "an all-time four-finger stinker," they will need to know some technical wrestling. I really would have liked to have heard more of Mick's speech, but the editors clearly have other stories to tell this week, so we move right onto the weekly "Looky At All the Wrestling" montage. Not before, however, Al Snow gets a plug in for Mick's new book, Foley is Good. Mick gives the contestants some tips, and then Al Snow announces that it's time for Mick to leave, so they all shake Mick's hand before he takes off.

After Mick is gone, Al Snow decides to wrestle with Chris-tian. As their match begins, Chris-tian voice-overs that his mind goes so fast that he bungles the moves, and he knows that he needs to slow down and focus, instead of anticipating each move. The match seems to be going okay, but then Al Snow grabs Chris-tian's head and tries to do a hip toss. I'm not sure what Chris-tian did wrong -- maybe he didn't jump enough -- but Al's arm slips and Chris-tian lands on Al Snow's back. The Grungy Guitar of Impending Violence plays as Al grabs Chris-tian's head and twists it roughly to one side, and then gets Chris-tian in an arm bar and really puts a lot of torque on the arm and shoulder. While doing this, Al tells Chris-tian that he could have hurt them both, and that Chris-tian can't do that anymore. Al says that he's told Chris-tian this every week. Meanwhile, Chris-tian can barely gasp out responses to Al's questions, and his face is turning bright red. Al voice-overs that he lost his temper because Chris-tian isn't listening to him, and someone is going to get hurt. Al Snow finally lets Chris-tian go, and Chris-tian stands outside the ring squeezing his eyes closed with a pained expression on his face. That was kind of scary. I'm sure that there was more build-up than what we were shown, but based solely on the footage, it looked like Al Snow snapped for no reason. Then again, Al's livelihood depends on not getting injured, so I can see why it would piss him off if one of the contestants continually put him in danger.

At the Casa de Contestants, Josh talks to his girlfriend, Jamie, on the phone. It's a typical "I miss you more!" kind of conversation until Jamie asks Josh whether he can still smell her in his room. Ew! That's kind of gross. Jamie starts crying and saying that she wants to talk to him forever. Isn't this the same girl that was totally fighting with him while she was there?

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