Tough Enough
Week Thirteen

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Week Thirteen

The show opens in Times Square, New York City. Inside WWF New York (the WWF-themed restaurant), the Coach and Trish Stratus stand on a stage and announce that they are live, and that tonight the winners of Tough Enough will be announced in a special one-hour finale. As The Coach and Trish fill with some inane banter, the cameras find each of the finalists sitting at tables in the restaurant. Josh is sitting next to Al Snow. Taylor looks very pretty in a black dress, and is sitting next to Jacqueline. Maven is sitting next to Tazz. Nidia -- oh, good Lord. Nidia looks like a clown with all the makeup. And she's wearing a yak fur vest, I think. No wonder none of the trainers is sitting next to her. The crowds boo Harvard Chris when the cameras reach his table. The Coach announces that before we find out who the winners are, we're going to take a look back at the last few days of the competition.

Previously on Tough Enough: Big knew that picking a winner would be difficult, but he didn't know exactly how difficult. Al Snow reminds the remaining contestants that they are constantly being evaluated. Maven gets a cut on his head, which must have happened on the lost episode, because I don't remember that happening at all.

Title Card: The Last Supper. Nidia voice-overs that they decided to invite the trainers over for dinner in appreciation for all they've done. We see Nidia and Taylor making salads. I hope they didn't let the guys out of dinner preparations. Jacqueline is the first to arrive, and she's impressed with the size and the splendor of the house. Tori arrives next, carrying a giant box for some reason, which is never explained. Big and Al Snow arrive via the front door, and are greeted by the guys. All of the contestants are in dressy casual, but Harvard Chris decides to wear a suit. Because he's a brown-noser. Al Snow, who is wearing his ubiquitous fanny pack, comments that Harvard Chris really is "Captain Caucasian."

The trainers and contestants all adjourn to the living room to play a game before dinner. The contestants have designed a board game based on Tough Enough. I would be willing to bet money that Vince McMahon's lawyers jumped right on this and bought up the rights to that game. I'm not really sure how the game works, and it's really not important. The funny parts are the messages on the cards the players have to pick up. As each message is read, we see flashback footage of these incidents actually happening. The messages are:

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