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A Makeover Story: “Trading Faces”

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A Makeover Story: "Trading Faces"
I'd been eagerly anticipating this episode of A Makeover Story for months, since it represented the conflation of two of my favourite shows: this one, and Trading Spaces. For those of you not familiar with the formula for A Makeover Story, it's basically a variation on the Trading Spaces theme: two people (couples, mothers/daughters, friends, colleagues, what-have-you) agree to get made over by the show. The first segment is an interview with the pair, talking about their style problems (e.g., young people making the transition from college students to first professional positions need new looks; a couple who've been married for years want to rejuvenate their looks for each other, etc.) and going through their existing wardrobes, usually with much sartorial criticism from their makeover partner. The desire for a makeover is usually prompted by some big upcoming event (anniversary party, graduation, new job, divorce, marriage, award show, etc.). All this is interspersed with shots of them doing their jobs, living their lives, etc. The second segment is the shopping trip, where each party goes to a store (almost always without the other one) and tries on four or five different outfits with the assistance of a store clerk or a personal shopper, evaluating the positives and negatives of each outfit and finally selecting one. The third segment is the salon visit, where hair, makeup, aesthetic and/or spa services are performed (or inflicted, as the case may be) and they get dressed for their big event. Then you have the "reveal," where the two participants see each other for the first time and exclaim and hug and, about 75% of the time, cry. Often the makeovers are pretty good, and occasionally quite dramatic; some have been a bit of a fright show, though. It's kind of like Trading Spaces only with people instead of rooms. The show starts out describing Ty Pennington and Amy Wynn Pastor as "television's hottest carpenters" (sure they are, but then again...the competition's so stiff) while we see some footage from the show (Gen good-naturedly sniping at Ty, Amy Wynn helping Frank demolish a kitchen cabinet), followed by two quick shots of the two of them trying on clothes for their makeover. The narrator informs us that they need makeovers because they've been asked to present an award at the Daytime Emmy Awards. I'm not sure if there are too many women on television these days who need a makeover less than Amy Wynn Pastor...maybe Gillian Anderson (someone I'd give a kidney to look like and sound like). We see some more shots of Ty and Amy Wynn being made over and whirling around in their various outfits, and of course, Ty mugging (go figure) with a tie wrapped around his head, as the narrator wonders for us whether they'll "glam up" in time for the red carpet. The suspense is killing me. Roll credits.

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