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Florida: Night Owl Lane

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Florida: Night Owl Lane

Doug breaks the piano: Builds a big façade around it. Hangs portrait of his feet on the façade. Is peeved by the lack of enthusiasm for his approach.
Gen breaks the piano: Giggles. Jiggles. Giggles some more. Blames Ty. Giggles. Uses the wreckage as inspiration for her next room.
Kia breaks the piano: Turns it into a fountain and makes it the centrepiece of the room. Is inordinately pleased with herself.
Edward breaks the piano: Like he'd ever have the chance, given how little he's on the show.
Vern breaks the piano: Only slightly more likely than me marrying Donald Rumsfeld, but if it did happen, would just build them a better piano. With additional storage.

Edward and Brent put the upholstered insert into the bench. I love the shade and type of blue fabric he's chosen for the seat, but I don't like it with the brown paint.

Hildi and her team stand around, unsure about how to proceed from here. Jill: "Krazy Glue, anyone?" Craig: "Hildi, you finally shocked 'em, I think." Shocked who? Is there anybody left who hasn't been shocked by something Hildi's done? Hildi says they need to fix the piano. No kidding, but it's going to need a lot more than the leg fixed. At the very least, it would need to be tuned, and it's possible that the sound board is cracked, which I'm told is pretty expensive to fix, if not, at times, impossible. I'm not sure what they were thinking, but there's a reason piano moving is a specialty. Man, I can't wait until MPDP gets a load of this. I wish she'd been there.

Edward comes out into the living room where Carla and Brent are working on accessories, carrying the white ceiling fan from the bedroom. He says he's going to take it outside and spraypaint it brown to go with the room. Um, since they already have a white ceiling, why not just leave it? Especially since it doesn't seem to be one of those ceiling fan/light fixtures that's desperately trying to be attractive. It's just a plain old utilitarian ceiling fan. Why do people always want to draw attention to such things? It's much better just to let it fade into the ceiling as much as possible. It's not attractive, and making it brown isn't going to help. Carla and Brent, worried about time, suggest taking the ceiling fan above their heads from the living room and putting it in the bedroom. This one is brownish and has a vaguely tropical feel to it.

Paige Cam. Amy Wynn's trying to fix the piano. MPDP asks someone to tell her "what really happened" and whether it can be fixed. Amy Wynn assures her that it can be fixed, though I think she's talking about the leg. I doubt she's qualified to talk about the sound board. She says she wasn't there and doesn't know what happened. Hildi asks Amy Wynn if she can tune it after she fixes it. Amy Wynn tells her not to be a smart aleck. She adds that she didn't bring her tuning fork. She tells MPDP that she can fix it; she just has to drill out the dowels in the leg and replace them. When asked how long that will take, Amy Wynn says it depends on whether she has dowels the right size in the trailer. MPDP says that if she doesn't, there's no time to get other dowels. Hildi interjects that she must override MPDP in this situation, and that they have to fix the piano. She insists that Amy Wynn be allowed to run out to the sponsor's store to go get the dowels. Amy Wynn starts slapping hands with Hildi, saying, "I support that override! Anarchy, baby, anarchy!" I wish I could read what's on Amy Wynn's t-shirt. It's like an old-fashioned poster for a romantic movie. It looks to me like the title is "Farewell to Credibility." Or possibly "Farewell to Sensibility." Either way, it's a perfect t-shirt for this show. I would just like to add that in this scene, behind Amy Wynn, you can clearly see the line on the wall where they stopped with the plastery goo and just left the rest of the wall -- which leads into the kitchen -- untouched. Yeah, that looks good. I think we can assume, given that they're moving stuff back into the room, that the wall is staying that way. (Also, for those who are very upset about the piano, apparently the show paid for repairs.)

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