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Florida: Night Owl Lane

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Florida: Night Owl Lane

Edward's team assures him that their neighbours won't care if he takes the living-room ceiling fan.

Hildi and Craig cover the valance with white fabric.

Amy Wynn is helping Edward's team in the bedroom when Carla says that she's been a great help, but kind of wonders if she shouldn't be working on their house. She says she's trying to get finished in there so she can do that. Edward shoos her off.

Hildi and Craig are done with the valance. She's also got to make some little skirt to put over the TV table. She says they're not making any pillows. She just wants a clean and simple look. Craig says that Brent will like that. Hildi: "And Carla?" He says she'll like it, too.

Paige Cam. MPDP crawls into the shot, which is focused on a big plant in a pinkish pot. She says she's going to paint the pot for Edward, who finds the existing colour "garish." I notice it seems to be the same colour as MPDP's nail polish. She laughs and sponges on some brown.

Jill and Amy Wynn install the last of the three large new shelves.

Edward tells his team to bring in the mattress and box spring.

MPDP comes in and finds Amy Wynn, Jill, and Craig each lying on one of the shelves. She crawls in underneath the bottom one. Frink thinks they look like they're staying in a Japanese hotel. Either MPDP has incredible faith in the carpentry on this show, or she's an idiot. (I suppose they're not mutually exclusive.) Because if those shelves fell down, I'd estimate she'd to have about 500 lbs of human and MDF on her. MPDP wants to know how much longer the room is going to take. Amy Wynn says she's done everything she has to do in the room and is therefore the only one allowed to relax. MPDP points out that she's relaxing on the shelves Craig and Jill have to paint.

Brent and Carla stuff pillows and have the "are you nervous about our house?" conversation.

Hildi arrives and hands Amy Wynn a tray of paint so that she can start painting up there. MPDP and Hildi go off to get more rollers so that they can hustle this along.

Edward and his team are installing the lambrequins. Carla says it looks like the entrance to the Secret Palace.

Hildi's polishing the glass of some art that's been hung on the wall. She starts to explain her choices and interrupts herself to hand them some Swiffers, saying, "Here, why don't you Swiffer while we talk?" Frink: "Hmm. Shouldn't she tell us where she bought those Swiffer cloths? Wasn't it at Lowe's?" She says that these three paintings were the only three she could find that were "sort of like a composite." I think she means that these were the only three that went together visually. These three are abstract paintings in neutral tones with some light blue by Conrad Marca-Relli. There's a large one in the middle and a smaller ones one each side. Hildi says that Brent's father's paintings are much more colourful, and they're going to scatter them around the room. There will also be paintings leaned against the wall on the shelves.

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