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Florida: Night Owl Lane

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Florida: Night Owl Lane

Fast-forward sequence, and then MPDP brings in Carla and Brent. She mentions that they've already sort of noticed the floor, and tells them to open their eyes. Carla is stunned speechless, probably partly from being prepared for a train wreck, and partly because at first glance it doesn't seem like much has changed. As Brent says, "Oh my gosh," a bit of a smile starts to form on Carla's face. She says, "Oh my gosh," turns and sees the shelves, and she and Brent both gasp. He says he loves it: "The shelves! They're really good. They're really nice. And the art! You cleared out our garage." Carla notices the floor and compels Brent to look at it. She says it's just the floor she would want: "I had no idea they could do this!" Never seen a Vern episode, apparently. Brent: "And you stuccoed the walls!" Carla comments that they used his dad's painting. Brent thinks it's amazing. Carla looks around some more and says, "I am so shocked! Man, they must have worked so hard on this floor." Brent says it's beautiful. Carla returns to the subject of the shelves, realizing that that's where the cabinets were and commenting on how different it looks. MPDP explains that they built a wall. Carla: "And there's no crazy colour on the walls. That's so..." "Crazy"? Brent points out that Carla got a new coffee table, like she wanted. She points out the new curtains. They agree that the floor is the biggest surprise. They thought they'd just get an area rug. MPDP thinks Hildi hated the carpet as much as Carla did. Craig and Jill come in and they all exult about their rooms. They agree it was a great experience. MPDP thanks everyone and signs off. As the Buddha allegedly said on his deathbed: "Impermanent are all created things; strive on with awareness."

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