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Florida: Night Owl Lane

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Florida: Night Owl Lane

Key swap. Shut up, MPDP. How does she stay so damn perky?

Jill and Craig run in and find Hildi, who's wearing a white shirt and black pants, and has her hair pulled back in a simple ponytail. She looks so innocent -- almost Mousekeeter-ish. She says they're going to take everything out and just bring back in what's important. She says the room looks like everything's in it just because there's nowhere else to put it, and I couldn't agree more. Hildi and her team are going to install some large shelves where the tchotchke cabinets are, and continue to feature the art as an important factor in the room. Then she alludes to a "treatment" they're going to put on the wall, which will give the room a little bit of texture. Uh oh. Here I thought we were getting good Hildi. Oh, God, what the hell is she going to glue on the walls now? They spend the next two days unloading the room. Note that you don't see the piano being moved from the room in this scene.

Carla and Brent find Edward sitting on the bed, pretending to meditate and chanting, "Om." He says he's trying to get inspiration for the room, and asks what they see going on in this room. Brent: "Nothing." Edward cracks up. Nothing gets past Brent. Edward says that Jill is "really into the Buddhas; [she's] really loving the Buddhas," and that Craig is impartial (indifferent, more to the point). Edward wants to put bright colour on the walls; do a nice window treatment; add a piece of artwork to the wall between the windows; reposition the bed against the back wall, and make it a focal point; put the TV on a new stand; and put a drape in front of the opening to the bathroom/dressing area. Edward asks what they think. Frink: "Just screams 'Buddha' to me." The team's on board with it. Time to unload the room, which Edward says should take about thirty seconds. Maybe they can go next door and give their neighbours a hand. They could probably use it. During the unloading, Frink gets all pissed about Edward dancing on the mattress in his shoes. But hey, he's jumping on the EdBed (tm somebody in the forums). I think that's a shout-out to you guys. Near the end of the sequence you see Edward and his team playing "Duck, Duck, Goose" with MPDP and Amy Wynn. Frink thinks that's just hilarious. See, if you just don't clutter up your room with a lot of stuff, your neighbours will have time to play fun children's games with the cast.

Hildi discusses her carpentry plans with Amy Wynn in the trailer. Hildi's wearing a grey-green jacket I love. I'm in love with greyed greens. I find them so utterly restful to my vastly overstimulated eye. Hildi wants Amy Wynn to build three large deep shelves, with a short end wall to support them, in the space where the cabinets were. Amy Wynn is hoping to hear that this is Hildi's only project, but Hildi also wants her to build a ten-foot valance to hide her cheap curtain rod. Amy Wynn says that the valance will happen "last, last, last." Hildi: "Maybe it could happen first, and then you could have, say, the hardest for last." Amy Wynn: "Maybe, and then if a project gets cut, then you're stuck with just a valance." Hildi, gesturing to the shelf plans: "But this is a simple project. Don't cut it." Aw. It's just like it's her very first show. Amy Wynn: "Maybe you could take your plans and shove them where the sun don't shine." No, I kid. She'd never talk like that. Ty would, though. Perhaps not to Hildi. He'd tell Doug that, for sure.

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