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Florida: Night Owl Lane

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Florida: Night Owl Lane

After the commercial, Jill continues trying to understand what effect it is Hildi wants them to achieve with the wall goo. Hildi basically tells them to figure out whatever looks nice. She also points out that they're focusing on a small patch of wall right now, and emphasizes that it's the whole that's important. Frink: "Yeah, it'll be bigger and look worse."

Amy Wynn and Edward discuss carpentry. He has four pieces: a bed frame, two open squarish boxes for night tables, and a longer box for the TV. Edward wants a simple bed frame with tightly curved feet ("to give us that Oriental flair"), and he's made a pattern for the shape of the curve.

Hildi and her team roll and smear the goo as she touts the greatness of the idea for adding texture to the walls. Or you could save yourself a lot of trouble and just buy a new house, since it seems to be nearly impossible to buy a new place without some nasty-looking texture on the walls.

Edward wants a flat board to mount on the wall behind the bed, upon which he's going to mount two Indonesian bulletin boards. Indonesian...bulletin boards? No, I don't know any more about that than I do the "snack-down technique." He also wants two night tables that are basically boxes open at the front with a shelf inside. He adds that if she has time to do a routed edge on those, that would be nice.

Hildi explains how the shelves and wall they're building are going to become a little hallway, and laments how the cabinets -- which she calls étagères, though I think by definition étagères are open at the front -- are rather dated. Craig asks about the floor. Hildi doesn't want to tell them what they're doing with the floor until they've finished with the wall, but says it's going to be a huge change.

Edward sprays primer onto a wide, nine-drawer dresser. Carla and Brent think it's nice. They all agree that it's a diamond in the rough. Edward got it at a thrift store for $69 along with two mirrors and a narrow coffee table that they're going to use as a bench. That's pretty damn good. The dresser drawers each have really ugly routed detail and an ornate escutcheon-like thing behind the pulls, but I'm hoping they'll fill the routing and pry off the escutcheon. The dresser also has some carved or turned detail down each side, kind of like a thick rope. That, I don't mind. Edward wants his team to start painting the furniture brown. There's something a little perverse about priming and painting all these wooden pieces (even if it's cheap wood/wood laminate) so that they can be a different shade of brown. Edward adds that they're going to go back and jazz up the pieces with some black and gold paint. That sounds kinda scary.

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