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Florida: Night Owl Lane

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Florida: Night Owl Lane

Jill confesses to Hildi that Carla and Brent were very afraid of Hildi working on their room. Hildi laughs softly about this. Craig says he was excited that his neighbours were getting Hildi. She quickly comments, "Yeah, 'cause you know you'll have more fun." Sure...that's the reason. Jill says that they were a little nervous because they didn't know which way she was going to go. Hildi says she's "being really good here," and does a partial curtsey for effect. Jill says that Carla's going to be so happy.

Edward's talking through the screen of a sun room to Carla and Brent, who are inside painting. Carla's not jazzed about the chocolate brown paint. Edward says that chocolate brown is his "absolute favourite colour." Carla's willing to have faith in Edward, though. He assures her that it will be stunning: "I don't do ugly, so..." Carla: "No, of course not!"

Hildi and Craig pull up the carpet, and she's thrilled to find that the underpad is not glued down. She announces that it would have been a perfect floor to stain. Craig asks, "Is that what we're doing to it?" Hildi, happily: "No!" She adds that they actually couldn't because of the damage from the tacking strip, anyway. She exults about how easy it's going to be to remove the carpet.

Edward and Carla are in Sewing World. He's got two flat white bedsheets upon which they're going to stencil a pattern, and make a curtain for the bathroom entrance. He says he's trying to bring in the "Indonesian look of henna, where they paint on the hands and all that." I think mehndi's more Indian than Indonesian, but as usual for cultural and religious ripoffs and references on this show, the designers are vague at best on the facts. The stencil itself is sort of a scrolly, floral pattern. Edward shows Carla how to dab a big sponge in brown paint and "pounce" the paint onto the fabric. He seems to be using the furniture paint, so I doubt these curtains are going to be washable.

MPDP helps Hildi's team roll up the carpet. Jill tells MPDP that her neighbours hate the carpet and will be thrilled that it's gone. When MPDP learns that the carpet's not glued down, she comments on how easy it's going to be, but then chides herself for using the word "easy," thinking she may jinx things.

Edward and Carla keep stencilling.

Hildi and her team haul the carpet out of the house.

Edward and Brent staple brown fabric to the wall behind the bed, up to the ceiling. Boy, I really do not like chocolate brown and bright yellow together. It reminds me of McDonald's uniforms and restaurants from the '70s. Edward explains that he's using the fabric to extend the look of the headboard, and that they'll put upholstery tacks down each side.

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