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Florida: Night Owl Lane

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Florida: Night Owl Lane

Amy Wynn begins installing the end wall for the shelving unit as Hildi explains it to the team.

Edward shows MPDP a small face from a pair of framed pictures, probably from Jill's collection, indicating an image he's going to replicate. I guess it's supposed to be an image of the younger Buddha's face, with very long, exaggerated earlobes. MPDP's impressed. She asks whether the pair of framed pictures is going back in the room. It is, though Edward's bought a new frame so that it will coordinate with his colour scheme. MPDP, cutting up some fringe or cording, asks where Edward is going to have his touch of black. He says it will be on the cording on the lambrequins and the duvet. Frink asks me what a lambrequin is and I explain it.

Hildi and Jill are working on sanding a modern off-white coffee table and matching end tables. Hildi says she got them free from a thrift store. She thinks they must have been from a hotel or something, because they had tons of them with a sign saying, "Take me, as many as you want." Hildi took them, probably wishing she could load up for the next seventeen shows. She tells Jill, "They need to be badly sanded." Well, this is Trading Spaces. They're definitely in the right place. Hildi says they're going to do a crackle finish, but that it's going to look more like porcelain.

Edward's sketching some Asian characters/ideograms on the side of his painting, and MPDP is fretting about whether he's writing something terrible and doesn't know it. She says, "'War is coming...bad...misfortune in your life.'" Man, I hate bad misfortune. It's the very worst kind. Edward's sure it's something like "good luck." Or that it won't mean anything. He studies the stencil while MPDP asks, "It's not going to mean anything bad because it came from a craft store?" That sounds like a theory Frank would have. Edward points out to MPDP on the stencil that it says the characters mean "luck" and "love." They "aw" over that. MPDP giggles.

Amy Wynn explains the bed-frame project to Brent. She refers to the curved feet as having a "little genie action" going on. Sure, drag in the Middle East while we're at it.

MPDP makes inquiries about which walls are getting textured while she manages to mess up one of them by touching it. Hildi fixes it while warning a sheepishly giggling MPDP not to do it again.

Brent saws. Generally, sawing is really boring unless there's a bloody accident of some sort. Not that I'm wishing that on the guy, or anything. Note to Banyan/TLC: that's not a suggestion. I just find the sawing scenes a real snooze. At least teach us something.

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