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Florida: Night Owl Lane

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Florida: Night Owl Lane

MPDP wants to know what the floor is going to be like. Hildi still won't tell until she's finished with the walls.

Carla asks what a lambrequin is. Edward thinks that in Webster's Dictionary, it is a wooden structure: "In Walker's Dictionary, it is going to be a fabric structure." He explains it.

Hildi shows her team the light-coloured parquet wood laminate floor tiles they're going to be installing. Well, that'll look better than that carpet. Sorry, I just hate wall-to-wall carpet and see it as a last-ditch solution, like when you have an uneven concrete floor or something like that. Hildi is hoping the flooring will make the room look larger, crisper and cleaner.

Edward's finished sewing the first lambrequin and they need to cut it now. Doesn't the cutting usually precede the sewing? No wonder I suck at sewing. I've been doing it all wrong!

Hildi decides to start installing the tiles at one edge of the room. I always thought you were supposed to find the dead centre of the room and start out from there, but I guess you can do it this way, too, especially if you have a very square room and a very level floor.

Carla says that her neighbours are going to love the room. Edward seems hesitant about being overconfident, but you can tell he's inclined to agree. Carla's sticking to her prediction.

Hildi says that the tiles cost ninety-eight cents per square foot. That seems pretty damn good. The room is 288 square feet, so she spent under $300, before tax.

Edward and Carla stick their hands way down into the tails of the lambrequin to turn it inside out. They pretend they have hand puppets and talk to each other with them.

Hildi says that once they've laid down the tile, they really shouldn't walk on it for six to eight hours, which is why they're doing it at the end of the day, so that it can set overnight.

Amy Wynn tells Edward that the bed frame is mostly built, and that the outside decorative parts are mostly cut out and need to be routed. The TV stand will be done shortly. And we can see in this shot that the night tables are nearly done. She says she will have everything done for him at the end of the day. He's very pleased about that. Amy Wynn adds that Hildi might kill her. Actually, I don't know whom I'd bet on if they threw down. I suspect Amy Wynn's physically stronger and more coordinated, but I think Hildi's crazier and probably prepared to fight really dirty if necessary.

Hildi instructs her team on floor-tiling technique.

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