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Florida: Night Owl Lane

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Florida: Night Owl Lane

It's getting darker out. Edward shows his team how to put some black and gold paint detail on the ropey trim on the dresser. It actually looks a lot better than it probably sounds. It subtly accentuates the trim. Carla thinks it's really pretty.

Jill and Craig believe that their neighbours are going to love the floor. He wonders if they're going to be getting any more help with this, or if they're going to have to finish the floors as their homework.

It's very dark now. Amy Wynn's arrived with the furniture in the back of a Canyonero. Edward says he's going to help Carla and Brent to unload everything, but that their homework is to prime and paint the pieces she's brought: the night tables, TV stand, and bed frame. Amy Wynn cozies up on Edward's shoulder and pretends to fall asleep. He and the team laugh about that. As they start to unload, he tells Amy Wynn, "Grab a piece." I'm pretty sure he's talking about the furniture, though.

Hildi's team's homework is to finish the floors, of course.

Day Two. Edward finds Carla and Brent holding one of the night tables in place while Amy Wynn affixes it to the wall so that it "floats." He asks if they were up late. Carla says that they were, but that they got their homework done. Edward says it looks great.

Hildi admires her team's work. Craig is just installing the last two tiles. They all agree as to how much better the floor looks. Hildi says that Jill and Craig did a wonderful job painting the wall. We see a close-up of the texture. Blecch. It looks just as bad as I imagined. Have you ever tried putting icing on a cake when the icing is too dry? You know that combination of smooth swaths, crumbly bits, and sharp, shallow peaks you get? It looks exactly like that. I could just cry. Why would anyone do this to a perfectly smooth wall? Do you know what kind of work it would take to put it back? I'm not saying I've never seen any nice textured walls, but I've seen damn few, and every one of them was done by a very skilled professional. It just looks like an amateur stucco job from the '70s. Jill tells Hildi that she forgot to leave them the wide putty knife, so they ended up improvising with a kitchen spatula. Well, that might explain why the shot I just saw looks so cruddy. Hildi compliments them on their resourcefulness. I wonder if it's possible to rub the skin right off my forehead.

Edward shows Carla and Brent how the Indonesian bulletin boards will be mounted above the bed. They're small rectangular boards with ornate frames that look like they're made of rattan or something like that. There are ribbons or something crisscrossed over the boards to stick stuff in, as opposed to using pins or tacks, I guess.

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