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Florida: Night Owl Lane

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Florida: Night Owl Lane

Hildi and Jill are looking sadly at their free tables. One of the end tables seems to have an awful blotchy texture at two corners, sort of like there's a very thin layer of glaze over the roughly sanded surface. Craig asks what they did to the table. Hildi says they don't know, but thinks the rain may have done it.

Edward says they still have to install the lighting, the lambrequins, and the bed. They have to complete the art project and the finish on the dresser.

Hildi and Jill try to figure out what went wrong. Hildi thinks the humidity was a problem.

Edward gets Brent's help with upholstering a cushion insert for the coffee table they're using as a bench.

Hildi says she wasn't expecting rain in Orlando. Jill confirms that it rarely rains in winter in Orlando. Hildi says they're just going to paint the tables the same colour as the shelves (white) and call it a day.

The bumper back into the show gives us a good look at Edward's painting, which has an odd, amateur look to it. It's like a low-budget album cover or movie poster. The background is a soft, medium blue colour, similar to the fabric used in the room. The Buddha head is on the left-hand side (and it's a pretty good facsimile of the original), rendered with the yellow paint for the skin and the brown paint for the hair. On the right-hand side, there are some branches painted at angles; they have a few sparse leaves on them. There are Asian characters/ideograms painted over the branches and they look messy and weird, which is rather an insult to the art of calligraphy. Frink cracks up over the cheesiness of this painting and puts on his monster truck rally announcer voice: "'See the Buddha live in concert! We'll sell you the whole mat but you'll only need the edge! Three people have attained Nirvana already!'"

MPDP and Hildi are rummaging around in the garage. Brent and Carla have literally hundreds of pieces of framed artwork, quite a few of which are Brent's father's work. (Bruce Gregory, Brent's father, died last August.) But they've also collected a lot of pieces themselves. Man, I'll bet Laurie's just eating her heart out. Actual paintings by actual Abstract Expressionists, among others. No need for shitty fakes. Hildi's trying to put together some groupings of art that look good together, taking into account the frames, the styles, the colours, the artists, etc.

Brent keeps helping Edward staple fabric as they talk about whether Brent's thinking about his house. He says he's not worried, but that he knows they're going to be surprised.

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