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Houston: Sawdust Street

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Houston: Sawdust Street

MPDP welcomes us to the show. This week, she is wearing an ill-advised denim duster that causes me to think of "Blaze of Glory" by Bon Jovi. MPDP says that they are just outside of Houston, and that everything is bigger in Texas. Since they blew their wad on the NASA references in the last episode, and they're still in Houston, they're just going with the "bigger" theme tonight. Why do they need a theme at all? The themes annoy me. MPDP wonders if the designers can fit their "Texas-sized plans" into the small "Trading Spaces-sized budget."

Laurie and Doug run on some rocks across an artificial pond as MPDP voice-overs their introduction. Amy Wynn will be the carpenter. MPDP announces that the swap is slightly different, because they will be trading apartments instead of houses. So this is an apartment complex? Man, it's pretty nice. MPDP wonders if she should give them "a smaller budget for their tighter spaces." I also hate the conceit that MPDP is in charge of the budget, like the money is coming directly out of her pocket. This isn't Iron Chef and she's not Kaga Takeshi, although her clothes might make you think otherwise. ["Bwa! Maybe she and Kaga can do Battle Suede." -- Deborah]

The first set of homeowners consists of newlyweds Cassandra and Justin, who want to "wake up their boring beige living room." Meanwhile, their friends Amanda and Lindsey are "looking for more spirit and color in their living room." Lindsey says that they want the room to look "a little more shocking," and unique. Amanda is looking for "bold colors, crazy stuff, think we're weird, whatever." Amanda adds that they are happy Doug will be designing their room, because he does more "artsy funky" designs with a modern look. However, they are not excited that Doug doesn't usually listen to what the homeowners want, and they're hoping that he will listen to Cassandra. Heh. These guys clearly watch the show. The camera pans around the living room, which is kind of that "just out of college and moved in together" look -- nothing is god-awful, but nothing really goes together, either. Well, except for the green and purple painting of a UFO over the mantel. That's pretty scary. Amanda says that she would "freak out if there was a chicken, a turkey, a plaid anything, a border, or anything that represents anything country in my house." If I didn't already know that Doug was their designer, I would swear that they were going to get Frank. ["I had exactly the same thought." -- Deborah] Amanda sits on a leopard-print love seat, saying that it's her favorite piece, and that she doesn't want it touched or altered in any way. I hope she put that in the contract.

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