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Indiana: Fieldhurst Lane

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Indiana: Fieldhurst Lane

MPDP stands in front of a barn and some silos as she promises us that this episode will be "a real barn-burner" since they are in Indiana. Ooh, are they going to do farm houses? Because that would be awesome.

Both sets of homeowners are introduced at the same time this week. Bob and Becky and Mike and Rhoda are "not just neighbors, but lifelong friends going all the way back to grade school." MPDP attempts to milk a cow, but really she's just holding onto the udder, as she declares that the homeowners have to create great rooms quickly and under budget because "they have no udder choice." She laughs at herself and asks the cow why she's not laughing. I have to admit that I laughed a little bit at that bad pun, because at least she acknowledged that it was bad. Plus, cows are funny. The designers are Doug and Vern, and the carpenter is Amy Wynn. The three of them toss bales of hay onto a wagon.

MPDP voice-overs that you never know what's going to happen with these couples, "given their penchant for practical jokes." Mike explains that while Bob and Becky were out of town, he and Rhoda took all the labels off their canned goods. Come on, that's amateur hour. Bob explains that while Mike and Rhoda were out of town, he and Becky hung a bed sheet on the garage that said, "Welcome home, Mike and Rhoda: Indiana Square Dance Champions." Okay, that's kind of funny. Mike says that last time they went out of town, they came home to find all of their Christmas decorations up. That seems like a lot of work for a small payoff, but maybe I'm just lazy. Mike says that Becky and Bob are one ahead, so he and Rhoda need to catch up. I would just never go out of town again. What if they TPed their house? I shouldn't make fun; at least they are obviously homeowners who can take a joke and aren't totally serious all of the time. I think those are good qualities to have on this show, especially if Hildi or Kia are designing the rooms.

Mike and Rhoda's bedroom has soft green walls, vaulted ceilings, and a plant shelf that is holding no plants at the moment. The bed has no headboard and is covered with a quilt; the window has a plain white roller blind. There is minimal furniture in the room. Mike says that when they first moved in, he had great plans, but he hasn't done any of them. I hear that. Rhoda doesn't want any pastels, because they're not her. She would hate "peach and pink and mint green." Good thing Frank isn't doing her room, then. That dude loves the peach.

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