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Indianapolis: Halleck Way

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Indianapolis: Halleck Way

Shout-out to formerly known as momn8rx.

MPDP appears at a racetrack, wearing jeans and an orange and yellow striped sleeveless shirt. Wait…didn't we already see this episode? Oh, different racetrack. Same shtick, though. They're at the Indy 500 racetrack; Amy Wynn waves a checkered flag as Edward and Kia race by and then slow down just past her. Edward's at the wheel; Kia's in the backseat. Maybe she drives like she decorates, and that's why Edward's driving. That's Kia, all right: unsafe at any speed.

The homeowners, Dave and Noelle and Matt and Teresa, are driving go-karts around on a grassy area. They both want their master bedrooms made over. Dave and Noelle are shown in their bedroom, which is a fairly large room with a white tray ceiling. The carpet is a light greige, and the walls are a kind of brownish mushroom colour, except for one wall which is a warm cinnamon brown colour. The bed's against that wall. The headboard and furniture are in a warm rich brown colour. The bed linens are in off-white/light taupey shades, and there are tailored valances on the windows in a fabric that's dark grey with perhaps some hints of brown. There's a chest at the end of the bed that seems to be painted grey, as are the woodwork and doors and trim. The grey woodwork looks seriously weird to me with the various browns that dominate this room. There's a large gold-framed mirror propped against one wall, and a three-panel metal frame screen with white fabric panels nearby. Noelle says they like the size of the room but find the room kind of boring, and that there's not much colour going on. She feels there's some empty space that could use some furniture. Dave would like to see the room in warm, dark colours, to make it more romantic, and since the room is kind of dark already, to have some good lighting added. Noelle says in a very reserved way that she does a little bit of interior design work for a handful of clients as a hobby, but she thought it would be fun to have someone else come in and do her room. She adds that she's only seen Kia do one room so far: "So I'm really excited to see what she might do to this room." Only she says it like, "I hereby acknowledge that I may not survive this operation, and swear my family will not sue the doctor." She claims, "With all the others, you pretty much know what you're going to get, in a way, but with Kia, it's going to be a true surprise."

Teresa, who reminds me an awful lot of Natalie Maines, and Matt also want their bedroom redone. Architecturally, their bedroom is very similar to Dave's and Noelle's. Matt likes the bedroom. Teresa laughs. The walls and tray ceiling are white; the carpet's beige. They have a bedroom set in orangey-toned wood, and the linens and curtains are in a combination of white and bluish-green plaids, stripes, and solids. Not a heck of a lot else to say. Matt says he likes the colours; he likes blues and greens. Teresa says they're okay, but the white palette's gotta go. Matt envisions the room being rearranged and the bed in a different position. Teresa would like to see a seating area, a place to read, some new lighting; she'd like the room to be a place where they can get away.

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